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  • In Between

    By Eric Pliner

    Personal narrative by a gay, Jewish man in an interfaith relationship describing how he has learned to see and feel comfortable wtih the grey area between Jew and non-Jew.

    Date: 06-06-2007
  • A Journey in Faith and Love: The Struggles of an Interfaith Relationship

    By Lia Del Sesto

    Personal narrative by a Catholic woman whose Jewish boyfriend’s mother pressured him so much to marry a Jew that the two had to split up to do soul-searching.

    Date: 08-20-2007
  • New Styles in Chuppot (Wedding Canopies)

    By Helen Belitsky

    Personal narrative about a couple who sent out small quite squares with their wedding invitations, and thus created a patchwork chuppah which physically and symbolically captured the creativity and love of family and friends in their new

    Date: 08-10-2006
  • Conversions Emerging as Major Issue Facing Adoptive Jewish Parents

    By Johanna Ginsberg

    Reprinted news article about Jewish adoption agencies and the†tendency of birth mothers not to choose Jewish adopted parents for their†children since they want their kids to have Christmas.

    Date: 11-05-2006
  • Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother: Reflections on Being Part of An Interfaith Family

    By Rabbi Reena Waseman Judd

    Personal narrative about a rabbi who married a Jew-by-choice, and is extremely close with her husband’s family although the couple is raising their children Jewish and don’t participate in his extended family’s Christian holiday celebrat

    Date: 11-07-2006
  • Where Do We Come From? Do We Know Where We Are Going?

    By Sol Levin

    Personal narrative from an intermarried man describing his parents (both survivors) and how their experiences instilled in him the importance of Jewish continuity.  He describes how he wanted to marry a Jew, but ultimately felt good about mar

    Date: 08-02-2006
  • Half Jewish, Half Italian and Half American

    By Suzanne Koven

    The personal narrative of a Jewish New Yorker about her marriage to her Catholic-Italian husband and their Jewish wedding ceremony.

    Date: 06-18-2007
  • Judaism 101--Presented in a Concise and Friendly Manner

    By Marlena Thompson

    Review of Welcome to the Family! Opening Doors to the Jewish Experience by Lois Sussman Shenker, a practical introduction to Judaism for non-Jewish family members who have just married into a Jewish family.†

    Date: 02-14-2007
  • STILL JEWISH! What It Means Now to Be a Jewish Woman in an Interfaith Marriage

    By Jeri Zeder

    A personal narrative about how the women’s movement has changed the role of women in interfaith marriages.

    Date: 06-15-2007
  • The Perfect Recipe

    By Heather Subba

    How a Jewish woman and her Nepali husband have come closer through their discovery of each others' cuisines.

    Date: 01-03-2008

Showing 71 to 80 of 750