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  • The Clash of Religion: A Sister's Point of View

    By Marylin Greene

    Personal narrative by a Jewish woman who knew nothing about her intermarried brother’s plans for his children’s religious upbringing until she recieved an invitation to a baptism, and she and her mother feel angry and upset.

    Date: 11-09-2006
  • Do We Want to Be Who We Really Are?

    By Dr Gary A. Tobin

    Reprinted professional view contrasting the mythic (close-knit, proud, homogenous) Jewish American family from the real (interfaith, diverse, dispersed) one.

    Date: 11-13-2006
  • Seeds

    By Reika Dutta

    Personal narrative from an Indian woman whose sister is married to a Jewish man about the subtle ways racism and anti-Semitism can seep into families’ attitudes toward their in-laws.

    Date: 01-02-2007
  • Beyond the December Dilemma: Can We Incorporate Buddhist Philosophy into Our Life Together?

    By Howard Lovy

    Personal narrative e-mail correspondance between an engaged couple--an agnostic and a Jew--about how to raise their hypothetical future children.

    Date: 06-14-2007
  • Four Generations Living Together: An Interfaith Mosaic

    By Margery Clapp

    Personal narrative by a Jewish woman whose mother lives with her, and whose daughter, her Christian husband, and their children have lived with her too, making it hard for the older generations to ignore or not have input into their religious

    Date: 11-13-2006
  • A Newfound Love and a Lost Friendship

    By Heather Subba

    Personal narrative from a Reform Jewish woman whose Orthodox friend strongly disapproved of her relationship with a non-Jew.

    Date: 06-06-2007
  • Dispatch from the Institute: Divorce and the Interfaith Couple

    By Gail Quets

    Professsional advice and list of dos and don’ts of how to comfort and think about a newly divorced intermarried partner and why that divorce happened. 

    Date: 12-10-2006
  • Working Together on a Social Justice Project Strengthened Our Marriage

    By Edie Mueller

    The story of an intermarried woman whose husband supports the Palestinians while she supports the Israelis, but working on a joint social action project on the issue helped them to talk about it more constructively.

    Date: 06-19-2007
  • Dear Wendy: A Question about My Daughter's Bat Mitzvah

    By Wendy Weltman Palmer

    Professional advice "Dear Wendy" article about a Catholic woman whose parents did not approve of her raising Jewish children and who now has to decide whether to invite them to her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.

    Date: 11-07-2006
  • A Look Inside the Communication Gap

    By Jane Blumenthal Martin

    Tips on how to communicate in interfaith or intercultural relationships from Joel Crohn, author of Mixed Matches: How to Create Successful Interracial, Interethnic, and Interfaith Relationships, and other experts.

    Date: 06-18-2007

Showing 141 to 150 of 289