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  • Cultural Differences and Value Similarities: How We Deal with It All

    By Judi Brooks

    A white Jewish woman discusses the ways that she and her African-American Christian husband have negotiated differences to form a close family.

    Date: 06-18-2007
  • Interfaith Divorce in an Imperfect World

    By Judith Erger

    General information about interfaith divorce.

    Date: 07-26-2007
  • Avoiding Bicultural Schizophrenia

    By Shoshana Hebshi-Holt

    Personal narrative by the daughter of a Saudi man and a Jewish woman who was raised as a Jew, describing how she is always made to feel like "a freak", and how she wishes Jews and Muslims had more face-to-face contact.

    Date: 01-03-2007
  • Can Stereotypes Be Helpful?

    By Edie Mueller

    A writer explores the value of Jewish stereotypes and Catholic stereotypes.

    Date: 10-16-2007
  • Lessons Learned from Israel's Jewish/Muslim/Christian "Peace Village"

    By Joseph Andrews

    Reprinted news article about Neve Shalom/Wahat-al-Salam", a half-Jewish, half-Arab Muslim village in Israel whose villagers are committed to teaching, learning, and living about and with each other.

    Date: 01-03-2007
  • Single Situations: About My Last Column

    By Dana Greene

    Reprinted personal narrative column about interdating and intermarriage, and the responsibilities--to your family, your people, your own emotions--that singles juggle in thinking about romantic relationships.

    Date: 11-09-2006
  • Living Well in the Extended Interfaith Family

    By Karen Kushner

    Professional view including tips on the best way to create a welcoming Jewish environment for non-Jewish relatives.

    Date: 05-31-2007
  • Same House, Different Faiths

    By Cathy Lynn Grossman

    An informative news article discussing the results of the 2001 American Religious Identification Survey and interfaith families in America.

    Date: 06-15-2007
  • Negotiating Identities: Queer Interfaith Couples Share their Stories

    By Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

    General information about interfaith gay and lesbian couples and their seeming nonchalance about being interfaith, an identity which is trumped by their queer identity.

    Date: 08-01-2012
  • A Grandmother's Gift

    By Ellen S. Glazer

    Personal narrative about a young Jewish girl's Catholic grandmother, who gave her a diamond Star of David necklace.

    Date: 08-01-2012

Showing 61 to 70 of 289