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  • Parenting: Recommended Reading

    Looking for books about parenting in interfaith families? Here are some of our favorites.

    Date: 07-17-2012
  • Happy Birthday Song

    In Hebrew, "happy birthday" is "yom huledet sameach."

    Date: 10-25-2011
  • Far Away and Still at Home: Israel and Our Interfaith Family

    By Dan Brosgol

    Dan reflects on his many trips to Israel and feels that it's time for his first visit with his whole family.

    Date: 05-09-2014
  • Changing Our Preschool For the Better

    By Susanna Perrett

    The biggest lesson learned was outside the preschool: creating an inclusive environment for all kids, regardless of cultural or religious background.

    Date: 11-01-2011
  • Happy Birthday Video

    In Hebrew, "happy birthday" is "yom huledet sameach."

    Date: 11-03-2011
  • Celebrating Shabbat at an Italian Summer Camp

    By Andrea Pigey

    A mother's view of her daughters experience at a camp in Italy, and how the staff handled diversity, inclusion and arranged to let her kids celebrate Shabbat.

    Date: 08-30-2012
  • My Family's Bedtime Sh'ma

    By Dr. Cheryl Axelrod

    Several years ago, I never could have predicted that as I tuck my kids in at night I would be singing to them in Hebrew. As a previously "good Catholic girl," Hebrew just wasn't my reality. But as I married a wonderful man, who happened to be Jewish, it now is the most natural and beautiful way I can think of to say goodnight to our children.

    Date: 11-10-2011
  • Baby Blessings

    By Amanda Koppelman Milstein

    “Wait a minute, I don’t bless my own food before eating. I guess if that’s something I want my kids to do, I’d better start doing it.”

    Date: 09-13-2013
  • Parenting and the Joy for Jewish

    By Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy

    An intermarried couple's parenting philosophy, when it comes to religion and finding one's own identity.

    Date: 11-07-2012
  • Back to Shul: How to Embrace the Carpool

    By Joy Fields

    Get ready for back-to-religious-school by embracing the carpool.

    Date: 08-19-2014

Showing 161 to 170 of 786