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  • Celebrating Holidays in an Interfaith Stepfamily

    By Dr. Jeffrey Greenhut

    Personal narrative by an unconventional (retired military officer, Republican) Jew describing how he, his non-Jewish fiancee, and both of their families from previous marriages celebrate each other’s holidays.

    Date: 07-26-2007
  • Whose Ceremony Is It Anyway?

    By Alx Block

    A proud father describes his son's multi-cultural baby naming.

    Date: 07-28-2008
  • Speaking as a (Non-)Jewish Parent

    By Debbie Burton

    At her daughter's bat mitzvah, she felt silenced by her congregation's prohibition against non-Jews speaking during services.

    Date: 05-05-2010
  • Country Cheder Aims to Turn Sunday School into Family Time

    By Aaron Leibel

    News story about an innovative family Hebrew school at a Maryland congregation.

    Date: 05-18-2007
  • Which Comes First: The Parent or the Egg?

    By Tracy Hahn-Burkett

    Review of There's an Easter Egg on Your Seder Plate, Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben's straightforward guide on how to respond to a child's intermarriage.

    Date: 02-05-2008
  • Anti-Fir Protest

    By Laurie Biundo

    Personal narrative from a Jewish woman married to a non-Jewish man about her own unease over Christmas and her family's participation in Hanukkah.

    Date: 08-01-2012
  • How to Make Halloween Holy

    By Micah Sachs

    A holiday that overturns the social order may be a great opportunity to build community and teach children to trust themselves.

    Date: 10-29-2008
  • Little Critics' Picks for Jewish Children's Books

    By Vicki Streiff

    Vicki Streiff's three children are a tough audience, and they liked three out of four of these Jewish children's books.

    Date: 11-05-2008
  • Canceling Christmas

    By Johanna Hammer

    Before, Christmas had been entirely self-indulgent, an orgy of good tidings and cheer that my Jewish partner had lovingly enabled. Suddenly this year, every decoration suddenly took on the weight of the added burden of "meaning" through my son's eyes.

    Date: 08-01-2012
  • The Journey to Judaism Can Be Lonely

    By Dawn C. Kepler

    Advice from an outreach professional on The Lonely Journey of a Puerto Rican Jew, by Franklin Velazquez.

    Date: 06-18-2007

Showing 631 to 640 of 786