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  • Bridging the Holidays: Interfaith Families Learn to Respect Both Faith Traditions

    By Kiran Ansari

    Reprinted news article describing several interfaith families’ and experts’ advice on how to raise kids in interfaith families--especially around the December holidays.

    Date: 01-08-2007
  • Small-Town Jew Blues

    By Susan Goldberg

    It turns out that being a Jewish kid in Thunder Bay, Ontario is more exotic than having lesbian moms.

    Date: 01-29-2009
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Mikvah

    By Annie Modesitt

    Personal narrative from an intermarried woman who is deeply invested in Judaism but has not yet converted.

    Date: 10-30-2007
  • My Son's Bar Mitzvah Through a Convert's Eyes

    By Sally Srok Friedes

    The author of a recent memoir about converting to Judaism five years into an interfaith marriage writes about her mixed feelings at this important lifecycle event.

    Date: 04-20-2009
  • Dr. Dale's Life Issues: Dr. Dale Interviews Interfaith Couples

    By Dr. Dale Atkins

    Dr. Dale speaks with intermarried couples about the issues they had to solve before they married and she speaks with a rabbi who works with many interfaith couples.

    Date: 08-07-2007
  • Bedtime Stories

    By Jacob Berkman

    News story about the PJ Library, a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation that sends Jewish children's books to families with young children.

    Date: 11-28-2007
  • Hold the Cheerios and Pass the Macaroons: The Word Mavens Explain Passover Foods

    By Ellen Scolnic

    The authors of a book on Jewish words help you puzzle out what people are talking about when they get ready for Passover.

    Date: 03-12-2010
  • Teenagers In Love

    By Gabbie Wynschenk

    Three high school students from interfaith families discuss their love for Judaism, for their families and for their Jewish youth group, BBYO.

    Date: 05-19-2009
  • Different Ways of Welcome

    By Dana Reynolds

    In New Mexico, they loved their Reform synagogue. In Richmond, they found a different kind of welcome at Chabad. Hey, whatever works!

    Date: 03-05-2010
  • What Interfaith Families Want from the Established Jewish Community

    By Marion L. Usher

    Professional view on the meaning of intermarriage and interfaith families for American Jewry:  rather than seeing the intermarried as "lost" or a "threat", the author sees them as a pool of "immigrants" who should be hel

    Date: 07-31-2006

Showing 651 to 660 of 780