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  • Teenagers In Love

    By Gabbie Wynschenk

    Three high school students from interfaith families discuss their love for Judaism, for their families and for their Jewish youth group, BBYO.

    Date: 05-19-2009
  • Different Ways of Welcome

    By Dana Reynolds

    In New Mexico, they loved their Reform synagogue. In Richmond, they found a different kind of welcome at Chabad. Hey, whatever works!

    Date: 03-05-2010
  • What Interfaith Families Want from the Established Jewish Community

    By Marion L. Usher

    Professional view on the meaning of intermarriage and interfaith families for American Jewry:  rather than seeing the intermarried as "lost" or a "threat", the author sees them as a pool of "immigrants" who should be hel

    Date: 07-31-2006
  • Neutral territory? Jewish Museums and Cultural Centers Reach Out to Interfaith Families

    By Cara Nissman

    New Jewish museums all over the United States are thinking about how to include interfaith families.

    Date: 07-07-2008
  • There's a Christmas Tree in My Living Room

    By Elizabeth Tragash

    Personal narrative about a born Jewish couple that disagreed over having a Christmas tree in their home.

    Date: 08-01-2012
  • Birth of A Jewish Matriarch

    By Keren R. McGinity

    An excerpt from a multi-generational study of Jewish women who intermarried in the United States.

    Date: 03-13-2009
  • A Spiritual Home

    By Cynthia Schwan

    An ex-Baptist and her husband each found different spiritual paths while raising their Jewish daughters.

    Date: 08-18-2008
  • Doing Hanukkah Big

    By Nora Raleight Baskin

    Personal narrative from a woman with a Jewish mother who reengages with her roots as an adult, partially by making a big deal out of Hanukkah.

    Date: 08-01-2012
  • Jewish Music for Rock and Roll Preschoolers?

    By Lynn Melnick

    Two new books with accompanying CDs for young children introduce basic Jewish ideas in way that should work for many interfaith families.

    Date: 10-27-2008
  • A Musical Invitation to Shabbat Peace

    By Mimi DuPree

    This album would make a great gift to non-Jewish friends to whom I'd like to introduce some of the wonders of Shabbat.

    Date: 01-04-2010

Showing 661 to 670 of 788