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  • Forever Young: A Secular Community Celebration

    By Michael Felsen

    A Jewish identity without God or Torah does come with a rite of passage--a communal ceremony celebrating heritage and values.

    Date: 08-20-2008
  • I'll Conversion Talk If I Want To

    By Galit Breen

    What might surprise most of you to know is that the alternate title for this article was, "Why We're Not An Interfaith Family, And Why We Are."

    Date: 01-14-2011
  • The Torah for the Trees

    By William Squier

    A Christian dad decides that his son's experience of Judaism is more important than having a Christmas tree.

    Date: 04-03-2008
  • Not a Jewish Birth Story

    By Laurel Snyder

    How an unnecessarily mean mohel cast a dark shadow over a mother's brightest day.

    Date: 02-28-2011
  • Adult Subjects in Children's Books

    By Cheryl F. Coon

    Review of three children's books for interfaith families.

    Date: 02-20-2008
  • Surviving and Thriving: Our Interfaith Shul

    By Susan Goldberg

    The plethora of interfaith couples is also a change that, in my opinion, at least, will have to be regarded as a strength for our synagogue and for our community.

    Date: 02-03-2010
  • Converting Clara

    Video from Mayyim Hayyim about converting an infant.

    Date: 08-01-2012
  • An Israel Encounter: One Couple's Story

    By Shira and Thomas Johnson

    A trip to Israel with a group of other interfaith couples from Atlanta changed their lives as individuals, as a couple and as a family.

    Date: 10-05-2009
  • Starting From Scratch

    By Stacey Palevsky

    His mother didn't want to burden him with Judaism, but Thomas Karatzas wanted to become bar mitzvah.

    Date: 11-13-2008
  • Synagogue Stresses Me Out

    By Rachel Baruch Yackley

    It was the congregation where she grew up, but for many reasons it stopped being a place she felt comfortable.

    Date: 02-05-2010

Showing 691 to 700 of 911