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  • Rabbi Reuben's Ruminations: Getting Comfortable With Jewish Rituals

    By Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben

    Be there while your Jewish partner makes Shabbat blessings and add meaning in your own language.

    Date: 03-25-2009
  • A Call To Jewish Service

    By Lisa Eisen

    Volunteer work in the community should become a defining feature of Jewishness.

    Date: 01-28-2009
  • Guide To The High Holidays For Interfaith Families: Children on Rosh Hashanah

    By InterfaithFamily

    Unlike other Jewish holidays that are more centered on children, Rosh Hashanah and especially Yom Kippur are primarily adult holidays. What do the children get out of it?

    Date: 09-14-2009
  • For Kids: Hamantaschen

    By Matt Hawkins

    Especially for children and families, a video about Purim and yummy hamantaschen cookies!

    Date: 02-24-2011
  • Purim After All

    By Nancy Thompson Brown

    An interfaith family discovers the joys of Purim with their young daughters - and figures out proper synagogue etiquette.

    Date: 08-01-2012
  • What Makes This Passover Meal Different

    By Jane Larkin

    Creating a Passover seder that is both interfaith-friendly and kids-friendly has led to some creative options.

    Date: 04-04-2011
  • The Four Questions

    By InterfaithFamily

    It is customary for the youngest child at the Passover seder to recite the four questions from the Haggadah. Roni demonstrates the traditional tune for the four questions as she sings in Hebrew.

    Date: 03-16-2011
  • For Kids: Passover

    By Matt Hawkins

    Especially for children and families, a video introduction to the Passover seder.

    Date: 03-17-2011
  • Passover For Kids

    Passover resources especially for children and families: videos, songs, crafts, and more!

    Date: 03-17-2011
  • Voice at the Gates: Rachel Murphy

    By Gateways: Access to Jewish Education

    A reprint from Gateways: Access to Jewish Learning, this spotlight features the story of Rachel and her family, as she overcomes physical disabilities to access Jewish life and prepare for her bat mitzvah.

    Date: 06-09-2011

Showing 711 to 720 of 780