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Telling Your Parents

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  • Handling Religion in Our Blended Family

    By Paula Lee Hellman

    Personal narrative about a blended, interfaith family where there are more questions and explanations than conflicts.

    Date: 07-26-2007
  • Cultural Differences in Wedding Planning

    By Melanie Herscovitch

    Why is it that Christians and Jews have very different ideas when it comes to such things as place settings, present-giving, food-choices, and most relevant to my present situation, wedding planning?

    Date: 04-28-2008
  • Introducing the Parents

    By Ed Ohalva

    Personal Narrative about a couple who worried that the geographic and education-level differences between their parents might make for awkwardness when they first met, but who ended up pleased with how accepting and mature they all were.

    Date: 07-11-2006
  • Locked Doors

    By Vered Levy-Barzilai

    Reprinted news article about the Orthodox gay community, and their scholarly and social efforts to gain acceptance.

    Date: 01-08-2007
  • A Jewish Mother Sings the Interfaith Wedding Blues

    By Pearl Choset Salkin

    Opinion/Editorial by a Jewish woman who was invited to 5 family weddings, 4 of which were to non-Jews. She wonders what will happen with her own children and how she will respond if they marry non-Jews.

    Date: 06-19-2007
  • Telling My Christian Parents I'm Raising My Children in the Jewish Faith

    By Cheryl Opper

    Personal narrative by a Christian woman describing her parents’ reactions to her news that they would have Jewish grandchildren:  her father was enthusiastic, and her mother warmed to the idea with time.

    Date: 12-03-2006
  • "Will Santa Bring Me Presents, Even If I'm Jewish"

    By Jim Keen

    Personal narrative about how one Protestant-Jewish interfaith couple decided to handle the Christmas-Hanukkah presents dillema:  the kids would recieve their main presents on on Hanukkah, but when they got together with their Christian cousins on

    Date: 08-08-2006
  • We Have the Bride and Groom--All We Need Are the Parents

    By Hal Schneider

    Personal narrative from a Jewish man whose parents wouldn’t attend his Jewish wedding to his non-Jewish Hawaiian bride--but did attend his second, secular ceremony.

    Date: 06-23-2006
  • Hey, They Were Reading Your Book in Church Today!

    By Suzanne Koven

    Personal narrative about how a Jewish woman’s Catholic mother-in-law gently prodded her to become more Jewishly observant.

    Date: 08-01-2012
  • Interfaith Weddings: Honoring Both Sets of Parents

    By Ben Dubrovsky

    Personal narrative/opinion piece suggests that focusing on shared values rather than religious differences is the way to create an inclusive, meaningful wedding ceremony and relationship with (in his case non-Jewish) in-laws.

    Date: 07-05-2006

Showing 31 to 40 of 138