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  • Gefilte Fish Con Maduros: A Multicultural Jewish Family

    By Aliza Hausman

    A Dominican-American convert to Judaism discusses people's disbelief over her marriage to a white Jewish man.

    Date: 07-21-2008
  • Homecomings

    By Leona Junguzza

    Personal narrative from a recent convert to Judaism whose non-Jewish children are adjusting to her celebration of Hanukkah and the High Holidays and her rejection of Jesus as the Messiah.

    Date: 01-11-2007
  • An Intercultural Celebration

    By Karin Mahony

    Personal narrative article about a born Catholic woman who converted to Judaism, as did her sister. Now, at her son’s Bar Mitzvah, she carefully includes her non-Jewish family members in the service, and the result is a great feeling of acceptance,

    Date: 11-27-2006
  • Feliz Año Nuevo, Plus Recipes

    By Teresita Levy

    Personal narrative by a Catholic woman who became a Jew-by-choice and loves Jewish culture and lifestyle, but has difficulty finding meaning in long High Holiday services.  She also includes some Puerto Rican recipes adapt

    Date: 08-02-2006
  • A Converstion with Eugene L. Pogany, author of In My Brother's Image: Twin Brothers Separated by Faith After the Holocaust

    By Judith Bolton-Fasman

    Profile of Eugene L. Pogany, author of In My Brother’s Image: Twin Brothers Separated by Faith After the Holocaust, about his family’s experience with conversion and the Holocaust..

    Date: 02-18-2007
  • Gay Adoption

    By Jane Calem Rosen

    News and general information article about the increasing numbers of Jewish gay couples who are adopting children, and the Jewish communal organizations that have developed to aid and welcome these families.

    Date: 11-06-2006
  • A Family, Not a Statistic

    By Neal Cohen

    Personal narrative by a Jewish man who is engaged to a Christian woman about how "the strength of a relationship cannot be measured by how deep or shallow those differences are, but how they’re dealt with."

    Date: 08-01-2012
  • Jefferson Airplane Guitarist Searches for His Jewish Soul

    By Jacob Berkman

    Profile of Jorma Kaukonen, guitarist for Jefferson Airplane, who rediscovered Judaism through his wife, who converted.

    Date: 02-23-2007
  • Interfaith Infertility Issues

    By Ellen S. Glazer

    Professional view and news article about different facets of Jewish adoption:  the biblical precedents for intertility, the post-Holocaust Jewish need to repopulate,  and the patrilineal descent issue for gay Jewish couples.

    Date: 11-05-2006
  • A Joyful Noise

    By Andi Rosenthal

    The personal narrative of a woman who ran into difficulties due to inaccurate inferences based on her last name.

    Date: 07-23-2007

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