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  • Jewish Holidays Can Be Scary

    By Charlotte Gordon

    Daughter of an interfaith family who converted to Judaism in adulthood still feels awkward with Jewish ritual.

    Date: 06-04-2008
  • What Interfaith Families Want from the Established Jewish Community

    By Marion L. Usher

    Professional view on the meaning of intermarriage and interfaith families for American Jewry:  rather than seeing the intermarried as "lost" or a "threat", the author sees them as a pool of "immigrants" who should be hel

    Date: 07-31-2006
  • It Can't Happen Here

    By Aliza Arzt

    The daughter and grandaughter of rabbis, she never thought she would fall in love with someone who wasn't Jewish--but she did.

    Date: 06-16-2008
  • Full-Time Jews

    By Jesse Tisch

    Young adults with interfaith backgrounds can increasingly be found working at Jewish organizations—but they still face some subtle obstacles.

    Date: 06-17-2008
  • How to Afford a Jewish Education

    By Vicki Streiff

    Classist assumptions in the Jewish community can make it tough to educate your children if you're not as well-off as Jewish institutions assume you are.

    Date: 06-04-2010
  • Poll: Most Secular Israelis Don’t See Intermarriage as a Problem

    By Amiram Barkat

    Reprinted news article about a poll that found only 43 percent of secular Jews in Israel see intermarriage as a problem.

    Date: 07-27-2006
  • The Making of a Jew

    By Rachel Flynn

    Her adoptive father, a lapsed Catholic, participated in raising her as a Jew and converted to Judaism when she was in her twenties.

    Date: 08-01-2012
  • Welcoming the New Jew

    By Aliza Hausman

    A Jew by choice who converted with an Orthodox rabbi reviews a book by a Jew by choice who converted Reform--and finds her story "honorable."

    Date: 06-02-2009
  • Italian-Americans Seek to Discover Jewish Roots

    By Robert Wiener

    Italian-Americans learned about their Jewish heritage at a conference sponsored by the Italian Cultural Center of Calabria.

    Date: 03-27-2009
  • Going to Church With My Jewish Father

    By Charlotte Gordon

    Her father rejected Judaism, but passed on a family heritage rich in music.

    Date: 06-26-2008

Showing 361 to 370 of 420