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  • Conservative Rabbis Reaching Out to Interfaith Couples

    By Alexandra J. Wall

    Reprinted news article about Tiferet, a grant awarded to members of the San Francisco Conservative movement to "develop programs and policies for interfaith couples who want to be part of a Conservative synagogue," including workshop

    Date: 11-27-2006
  • Applying the Lessons of the Torah to Today: Numbers 25:10 - 30:1

    By Rabbi Ismar Schorsch

    Reprinted professional view from the chancellor and president of the Faculties at the Jewish Theological Seminary relating his experience and thoughts about intermarriage, including the need to be welcoming, supportive, and understanding of the in

    Date: 11-27-2006
  • Is Outreach a Dead End?

    By Micah Sachs

    Reprinted profile and editorial about Steven Bayme and his radical opinions, including his doubts about the effectiveness of outreach to the intermarried, his strong support of in-marriage and his hypothesis that increased denominat

    Date: 07-28-2006
  • Some "Ominous" News for Continuity, Says Group

    By Julie Wiener

    Reprinted news article about the upsurge in demographic studies about Jewish identity and intermarriage/interfaith families and how their agendas, methodologies, and conclusions differ.

    Date: 07-31-2006
  • Sen. Lieberman: Intermarriage is Kosher

    By Binyamin H. Jolkovsky

    Reprinted news article about Senator Joe Lieberman’s declaration that intermarriage is OK, and the shocked and dismayed responses of Orthodox and Conservative movement leaders.

    Date: 07-31-2006
  • Bowing to Reality, Conservative Shuls Do More to Reach out to Intermarried

    By Sue Fishkoff

    News article on the Conservative movement’s Men’s Clubs, which continue to take the lead on outreach, training consultants to talk to temples about better reaching the intermarried.

    Date: 07-24-2006
  • Wanting Daddy to be Jewish, Too

    By Joanne Catz Hartman

    Reprinted personal narrative about a woman’s support of outreach to intermarried and interfaith families, but her unhappiness with efforts to "aggressively encourge" conversion. 

    Date: 07-26-2006
  • "In the Mix": Looking Beyond the Roadmap

    By Julie Wiener

    Opinion piece criticizing the Conservative movement’s new "roadmap" on intermarriage--"Al Ha-Derekh"--for not going far enough.

    Date: 08-28-2006
  • Questions of Gays, Interfaith Couples Roil Conservatives

    By Jennifer Siegel

    Reprinted news article about the choices facing Conservative Jews as they select a new chancellor for their rabbinical school, and the growing demand for openness to gays and lesbians.

    Date: 07-25-2006
  • Conservative Doors May Open Wider to Intermarrieds

    By Helen Teitelbaum

    Reprinted news article about the Conservative Movement’s intro to Judaism courses, which have recently been opened to non-Jewish partners, in hopes that acquiring knowledge of Judaism will lead to conversion.

    Date: 07-24-2006

Showing 51 to 60 of 89