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  • The Only Year We Had a Christmas Tree

    By Debbie Burton

    Her husband's openness to having a Christmas tree made the difference in her decision to make a Jewish home.

    Date: 12-04-2009
  • An Overnight Interfaith Home

    By Mimi DuPree

    She fell in love with Judaism. Her Orthodox Christian husband supported the relationship.

    Date: 04-24-2009
  • Shabbat in the Synagogue

    By InterfaithFamily

    Part of the Guide to Shabbat for Interfaith Families.

    Date: 05-20-2009
  • My Father, A Self-Hating Jew

    By Charlotte Gordon

    Her father never told her that he came from a Jewish family, but it was only one of the many ways he was dishonest.

    Date: 09-17-2008
  • Timbrels and Torahs: Celebrating Womens' Wisdom

    By InterfaithFamily

    A video displaying the importance of women in Judaism and expressing the journey that many women in Judaism endure and pursue.

    Date: 06-19-2007
  • Finding a Welcoming Community By Building It

    By Michael Felsen

    They didn't believe in religion, but they did believe in Jewishness--here's how they found a welcoming community.

    Date: 07-10-2008
  • Elul and Spiritual Do-Overs

    By Marinell James

    In order to have a meaningful Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, start the month before and take your time to work on yourself.

    Date: 08-29-2008
  • Grown Up Halfsies

    By Stacey Palevsky

    News article about adult children of intermarriage in the San Francisco area--and what they want from the Jewish community.

    Date: 12-26-2007
  • At the Crossroads

    By Andi Rosenthal

    Her relatives didn't realize that they had invited her to witness their marriage in church on the Day of Atonement.

    Date: 10-08-2008
  • Finding My Father

    By Paula Rosenberg

    As Father's Day approaches, the author thinks about her father. This was the first year she said Kaddish for him as a Jew.

    Date: 06-19-2009

Showing 571 to 580 of 733