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  • Approaching a Baby's Bris as an Interfaith Couple

    By Dr. Jeffrey Mazlin

    A doctor and mohel (one who performs ritual circumcision) offers suggestions for interfaith couples approaching their baby's bris.

    Date: 05-09-2013
  • Afros and Yiddish and Soul Food… Oy Vey!

    By Allison Foilb and Emily Wallen

    Review of Rain Pryor's one woman show, Fried Chicken and Latkes, about growing up Jewish and Black.

    Date: 05-03-2012
  • Supporting Our Partners: Shifting Perceptions of Raising Jewish Kids

    By Edie Mueller

    When my husband read an early draft of this essay, he asked, ''Why doesn't her partner have to support our daughter? After all, they agreed to raise children as Jews.'' What does it mean to raise a Jewish child?

    Date: 05-17-2013
  • Jewish Time

    Judaism encourages slowing down to appreciate and recognize distinct, special or holy moments, be they religious in nature or every day things.

    Date: 05-02-2012
  • Blessings For All Occasions

    Blessings and prayers for special occasions and daily use.

    Date: 05-08-2012
  • Sukkot Blessings

    A quick, easy download to guide you through the at home (and in the sukkah) Sukkot blessings, complete with audio of each blessing.

    Date: 09-25-2011
  • New Jewish Life Cycle and Transition Rituals

    In recent times, an assortment of life cycle rituals have been developed for individual and family transition important to the modern Jew. All are based on traditional elements and ceremonies whose enduring meaning are as powerful in these new settings as they are in their original ones.

    Date: 05-09-2012
  • Reflection: Preparing Spiritually for the High Holy Days

    By Benjamin A. Maron

    Resources to help you start preparing spiritually for the High Holy Days, through reflection, taking stock of your year and thinking towards next year.

    Date: 09-01-2011
  • Conservative Conundrum

    By Meri Phillips

    Growing up in a Conservative Jewish family, with intermarried parents, Meri never felt like she fully fit in. Now she's trying to find a religious home for her own family, and is torn by the Conservative movement's attitudes toward intermarriage.

    Date: 04-23-2013
  • Celebrating the High Holy Days with Kids

    With suggestions for sharing the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with kids of all ages, from talking points and crafts to getting through services.

    Date: 08-29-2011

Showing 671 to 680 of 726