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  • Locked Doors

    By Vered Levy-Barzilai

    Reprinted news article about the Orthodox gay community, and their scholarly and social efforts to gain acceptance.

    Date: 01-08-2007
  • Manilow Bares His Jewish Soul

    By Marvin Glassman

    Profile of Barry Manilow, who came from an interfaith family and is currently composing a musical play about the pre-Holocaust German performers, the Comedian Harmonists, called "Harmony."

    Date: 02-20-2007
  • The Winners of the Network Essay Contest

    By InterfaithFamily

    Article announcing the winners of’s "We’re Interfaith Families ... Connecting with Jewish Life." essay contest.

    Date: 07-17-2007
  • Fitting Tribute: An Interfaith Funeral

    By Ron Li-Paz

    Personal narrative from a cantor about how he emphasized the psychological aspects of the Jewish funeral service as he helped an interfaith family cope with the loss of their n

    Date: 11-14-2006
  • Israel: Yours, Mine...or Ours?

    By Rabbi Arthur P. Nemitoff

    Professional advice from a rabbi on how to talk about Israel in an interfaith family, with guidelines for discussion questions.

    Date: 07-27-2006
  • An Interfaith Child Thinks about His (Hypothetical) Interfaith Children

    By Josh Fischel

    Personal narrative from a child of interfaith parents dating a Christian, trying to figure out how to raise his future children.

    Date: 07-20-2007
  • A "Half-Jew" in Israel

    By Sarah R. Heilbronner

    A personal narrative about an American woman who felt fully Jewish during a trip to Israel, but was rejected from a scholarship for a return trip because her mother was not Jewish.

    Date: 06-07-2007
  • When My Jewish Father Became Involved with a Born-Again Christian

    By Tracy Boriskin

    Personal narrative by a young woman whose Jewish parents divorced following a financial crisis, and whose father has recently re-married a formerly evangelical Christian woman who cares less about material possessions than his first wife did.

    Date: 07-26-2007
  • Coming Full Circle

    By Kathy Bloomfield

    A personal narrative of a woman who researches Judaism before agreeing to raise her child Jewish and then decides to convert herself.

    Date: 06-11-2007
  • Hey, They Were Reading Your Book in Church Today!

    By Suzanne Koven

    Personal narrative about how a Jewish woman’s Catholic mother-in-law gently prodded her to become more Jewishly observant.

    Date: 08-01-2012

Showing 71 to 80 of 733