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  • This Is How I Roll On Shabbos

    By Matt Wallace

    Learning about Shabbat with his wife, he realised that there's no wrong way to celebrate the Sabbath.

    Date: 08-10-2011
  • Seder Plate Video

    By InterfaithFamily

    A video introduction to the ritual items, foods, that go on the Passover seder plate.

    Date: 03-16-2011
  • Rabbi Reuben's Ruminations: Getting Comfortable With Jewish Rituals

    By Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben

    Be there while your Jewish partner makes Shabbat blessings and add meaning in your own language.

    Date: 03-25-2009
  • A Call To Jewish Service

    By Lisa Eisen

    Volunteer work in the community should become a defining feature of Jewishness.

    Date: 01-28-2009
  • Reflection: Preparing Spiritually for the High Holy Days

    By Benjamin A. Maron

    Resources to help you start preparing spiritually for the High Holy Days, through reflection, taking stock of your year and thinking towards next year.

    Date: 09-01-2011
  • Sukkot: More Than Just a "Harvest Thing"

    By Benjamin A. Maron

    In recent conversations about the current holiday of Sukkot, I've heard a common theme: People understand that we build a hut, known as a sukkah, and that we shake four species, known as lulav and etrog, but they want to know why. "I get that it's a harvest thing but..." is a trailing thought I've heard articulated repeatedly. So, before the holiday comes to a close, here's my guide to the less commonly known aspects of Sukkot.

    Date: 10-19-2011
  • Shabbat Reading with Kids

    By Elias Kass

    Reviews of four books, great for reading with your young children, about Shabbat.

    Date: 10-21-2011
  • Happy Birthday Song

    In Hebrew, "happy birthday" is "yom huledet sameach."

    Date: 10-25-2011
  • To Pray or Not to Pray?

    By Rabbi Adam Chalom

    If secular people (Jewish or non-Jewish) find themselves in religious settings, what should they do? A Secular Humanist rabbi responds.

    Date: 10-26-2011
  • The Welcoming Community We Created

    By Rachel Baruch Yackley

    We created a Jewish community that is welcoming and inclusive of all, and have tips on how you can too.

    Date: 11-27-2011

Showing 111 to 120 of 161