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  • Guide To The High Holidays For Interfaith Families: Getting The Most Out of Challenging Holidays

    By InterfaithFamily

    Going to synagogue to pray all day when you don't usually go ever is like climbing a mountain after walking around the block once or twice.

    Date: 09-15-2009
  • A Christian Mother's Jewish Prayers for Her Unborn Son

    By Cassie Havel Morgenstern

    A Christian mother's hopes and concerns for her baby, whom she and her Jewish husband will raise as a Jew.

    Date: 08-26-2011
  • The Role of Faith in the Mourning Process for Those Raised in Interfaith Homes

    By Dan Bindschedler

    While grieving and mourning, unexpected places can offer peace, solace and sanctuary for people who were raised in interfaith homes.

    Date: 04-07-2011
  • Interfaith Families and Jewish Day Schools

    By Rabbi Daniel Kohn

    A rabbi and Jewish educator looks at successful ways to include and welcome interfaith families in Jewish days schools.

    Date: 06-29-2011
  • The Four Questions

    By InterfaithFamily

    It is customary for the youngest child at the Passover seder to recite the four questions from the Haggadah. Roni demonstrates the traditional tune for the four questions as she sings in Hebrew.

    Date: 03-16-2011
  • Shabbat Made Easy

    Resource explaining how to celebrate and create Shabbat, the sabbath, in the home.

    Date: 02-16-2011
  • Voice at the Gates: Rachel Murphy

    By Gateways: Access to Jewish Education

    A reprint from Gateways: Access to Jewish Learning, this spotlight features the story of Rachel and her family, as she overcomes physical disabilities to access Jewish life and prepare for her bat mitzvah.

    Date: 06-09-2011
  • Shavuot Article Archive

    By InterfaithFamily

    Some of our favorite Shavuot articles, for interfaith couples and families.

    Date: 05-23-2011
  • Who Gets To Be Called a "Rabbi"

    By InterfaithFamily

    Judaism has multiple movements and independent groups, and there are recognition issues between and among them. Judaism also has more than one path to becoming a rabbi.

    Date: 04-26-2011
  • Shabbat and Havdalah

    Everything you wanted to know about the weekly celebration of Shabbat (and Havdalah) in one place.

    Date: 07-14-2011

Showing 251 to 260 of 348