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  • Sukkot: More Than Just a "Harvest Thing"

    By Benjamin A. Maron

    In recent conversations about the current holiday of Sukkot, I've heard a common theme: People understand that we build a hut, known as a sukkah, and that we shake four species, known as lulav and etrog, but they want to know why. "I get that it's a harvest thing but..." is a trailing thought I've heard articulated repeatedly. So, before the holiday comes to a close, here's my guide to the less commonly known aspects of Sukkot.

    Date: 10-19-2011
  • Shabbat Reading with Kids

    By Elias Kass

    Reviews of four books, great for reading with your young children, about Shabbat.

    Date: 10-21-2011
  • My Family's Bedtime Sh'ma

    By Dr. Cheryl Axelrod

    Several years ago, I never could have predicted that as I tuck my kids in at night I would be singing to them in Hebrew. As a previously "good Catholic girl," Hebrew just wasn't my reality. But as I married a wonderful man, who happened to be Jewish, it now is the most natural and beautiful way I can think of to say goodnight to our children.

    Date: 11-10-2011
  • This is What Interfaith Sounds Like

    By Josh Olivier-Mason

    An audio essay about being interfaith.

    Date: 11-13-2011
  • Warshal: Choose one but not two religions

    Rabbi Warshal's response to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life's report that one in four American adults who are married or living with a partner are in a bi-religious relationship. The most difficult decision for these couples who have children is to decide in which religion to rear their offspring.

    Date: 11-14-2011
  • Three Tu Bishvat Haggadot

    By Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

    Haggadahs for Tu Bishvat, aimed at little kids, children, and teens / adults.

    Date: 01-20-2012
  • Mourner's Kaddish as a Source of Comfort

    By Paula Rosenberg

    Each year on the anniversary of her father's death, she feels the strength of the Jewish community supporting her through her grief.

    Date: 01-18-2012
  • Purim Booklet

    A resource booklet explaining the holiday of Purim, its customs and traditions.

    Date: 01-18-2012
  • Fifteen Christmases and a Festival Tree

    By Michael Doyle

    "Last December, on a Jewish journey and with my possessions in storage, I celebrated my first tree-free holiday season. This year, officially Jewish and back in my own apartment, I'm finally faced with the December Dilemma. Jews don't put up Christmas trees, and there's no such thing as a Chanukah bush. And then I got an idea."

    Date: 12-07-2011
  • Tu Bishvat Seders

    Resources to help you celebrate Tu Bishvat by hosting your own holiday seder (meal).

    Date: 01-20-2012

Showing 271 to 280 of 348