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  • Another Generation Begins

    By Tanya H. Keith

    Personal narrative from a Jewish woman whose grandparents sat shiva when her mother intermarried. Now she’s raising Jewish children with her non-Jewish children.

    Date: 07-19-2007
  • Reform Says No to Ordaining Intermarrieds: Legal Body Reiterates Long-Standing Position of Liberal Movement

    By Ami Eden

    Reprinted news article announcing the Reform movement’s reiteration of its position that the intermarried may not be ordained as Reform Jewish clergy.

    Date: 07-25-2006
  • How Can You Raise Your Daughters Jewish?

    By Rosemary DiDio Brehm

    The personal narrative of a mother on how she came to the decision to raise her daughters as Jews despite her strong faith in Catholicism.

    Date: 07-19-2007
  • Is There a Place for Jesus in Our Religious School Curriculum?

    By Sheila Goldberg

    Professional advice describing how one Reform temple incorporated lessons about Christianity, and lectures by priests (as well as other religions and religious leaders) into their youth, teen, and adult education programs.

    Date: 11-30-2006
  • English, French and Hebrew Spoken at Inclusive Paris Shul

    By Lauren Elkin

    A news article about a synagogue in Paris that is welcoming and where English, French and Hebrew are spoken.

    Date: 06-12-2007
  • Rabbis Improve Outreach to Interfaith Families, Survey Finds

    By Eric J. Greenberg

    Reprinted news article about Conservative and Reform rabbis’ willingness to recognize non-Jewish spouses of interfaith couples in synagogue and Jewish lifecycle events. 

    Date: 11-21-2006
  • Tomorrow's Men and Women and the Question of Intermarriage Officiation

    By Rabbi Jerome K. Davidson

    Reprinted professional view excerpted from a workshop on the need to have more grey areas between always officiating at interfaith marriages, and never officiating.

    Date: 09-12-2006
  • Home for the Holidays

    By Teresa McMahon

    Personal narrative from a Catholic intermarried woman describing her realization that her family’s synagogue, Temple Beth Emeth, was one of the top three reasons she wanted to remain in Ann Arbor, MI rather than move. 

    Date: 02-26-2007
  • Interfaith Hanukkah

    By Diane Barth

    Personal narrative about how the religious attitudes of an interfaith couple changed as they raised their child as a Jew.

    Date: 08-09-2006
  • Untitled for Now

    By Hana Daley

    The personal narrative of a young woman who learned, after years of studying Judaism and becoming a Bat Mitzvah, that she was not considered Jewish by her Conservative/Orthodox synagogue because her mother wasn’t Jewish.

    Date: 07-23-2007

Showing 131 to 140 of 431