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  • Significance of the Tallit (Prayer Shawl)

    Receiving a tallit, prayer shawl, can be a moving focal point of a bar or bat mitzvah.

    Date: 11-14-2012
  • From Generation to Generation: Video

    L'dor Va'dor, from Generation to Generation, is a song in many Shabbat services that can be reaffirming - especially for a bar or bat mitzvah.

    Date: 11-20-2012
  • Priestly Benediction: Video

    An example of a bar mitzvah boy receiving the priestly benediction from his synagogue's clergy.

    Date: 11-20-2012
  • Finding Community As A Young Parent

    By Dana Hagenbuch

    Whether intermarried or not, finding a Jewish community can be a great way to connect to your local community and make new friends.

    Date: 01-28-2013
  • Life Lessons of The Purim Superhero

    By Stephanie Carey Maron

    Review of a new children's book, The Purim Superhero.

    Date: 02-14-2013
  • Rabbi Levin to Officiate at Interfaith Weddings

    By Barbara Bayer

    Why one rabbi, after 37 years, at the pulpit, has changed his stance on interfaith marriage.

    Date: 03-20-2013
  • Bar Mitzvah Preparation for the Learning Disabled Child of an Interfaith Family

    By Rabbi Steven J. Lebow

    A rabbi's perspective tutoring a bar mitzvah student for his bar mitzvah, and how they worked with his different learning styles.

    Date: 03-21-2013
  • Conservative Conundrum

    By Meri Phillips

    Growing up in a Conservative Jewish family, with intermarried parents, Meri never felt like she fully fit in. Now she's trying to find a religious home for her own family, and is torn by the Conservative movement's attitudes toward intermarriage.

    Date: 04-23-2013
  • If the Book of Ruth Were Written Today

    By Rabbi Steven J. Lebow

    If the Book of Ruth, text customarily studied on Shavuot, were written with today's interfaith couples in mind...

    Date: 05-13-2013
  • Going Home Again

    By Heather Subba

    Though nervous her husband would be seen as 'different' or 'other' in a synagogue setting, finding a synagogue home community became important for one interfaith family.

    Date: 05-29-2013

Showing 421 to 430 of 431