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  • Connecting with Judaism Because of My Secular Spouse

    By Gina Hagler

    Personal narrative from an intermarried non-Jewish woman who agreed to raise her children Jewish, but didn’t realize her husband was a secular Jew.

    Date: 02-19-2007
  • Tips to Engage Your Family in the New Jewish Year

    By Rabbi Arthur P. Nemitoff

    Professional advice from a rabbi about how to celebrate the High Holidays as an interfaith family at home, but the paramount importance of going to synagogue.

    Date: 08-03-2006
  • This Judeo-Christian Thing

    By Edie Mueller

    The personal narrative of a Jewish woman who wanted to be a nun when she was young, but ended up connecting to her Jewish faith after she married a Catholic man who rejected his Catholic upbringing.

    Date: 06-12-2007
  • Lessons on Intermarriage from Abraham

    By Rabbi Dr. Barry Leff

    Opinion piece from a Conservative rabbi who says the Conservative movement should allow non-Jewish partners to be non-voting members, should permit the children of non-Jewish mothers to enroll in the early years of religious school and should welcome a

    Date: 05-18-2006
  • Why I Believe That Officiating at Interfaith Marriages Will Not Lead to the Continuity of the Jewish People

    By George Markley

    Reprinted opinion piece and personal narrative speech about why rabbis’ refusal to officiate at interfaith weddings is an important symbolic act that will protect the Jewish future. 

    Date: 07-31-2006
  • Rabbis Grapple to Liberalize Conservative Approach to Intermarriage

    By Joe Eskenazi

    Reprinted news article about a panel of intermarried, actively Jewish Conservative congregation members, and the ideas that they and San Francisco-area Conservative rabbis discussed about "new approaches to intermarriage," focusing on frami

    Date: 02-19-2007
  • A Loving Marriage, A Spiritual Divide

    By Ellen S. Glazer

    Personal narrative from a Jewish woman about her longing to have her non-Jewish husband share in her spirituality.

    Date: 02-22-2007
  • In Study, Reform Takes Stock of Outreach to Intermarrieds

    By Julie Wiener

    Reprinted news article about a study showing that the Reform Movement is "doing a good job of making interfaith families feel welcome...but are less effective at encouraging these families to ’move along in their Jewish journey’."

    Date: 07-25-2006
  • Dear Dr. Paula: Why Won't My Boyfriend Invite Me to Temple?

    By Dr. Paula Brody

    Professional view "Dear Dr. Paula" article about how repetiton builds comfort, and how the High Holidays are perhaps not the best time for a Christian’s first experience in a synagogue.

    Date: 06-14-2007
  • Visiting Auschwitz: The Unexpected Aftermath

    By Alex Romano

    Personal narrative from a Jew-by-choice telling how his journey to Auschwitz and his daughter’s spirituality led him to journey toward Judaism.

    Date: 08-01-2012

Showing 91 to 100 of 438