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  • What Does It Mean to Be God's Partner?

    Perhaps you have a life partner or a partner in business. You and your dance partner may burn up the floor. Your child chooses a partner for a class game. But what does it mean to be a "partner with God"?

    Date: 11-10-2011
  • Understanding Transliteration and Translation

    By Amanda Koppelman Milstein

    You may have seen Hebrew words written in Roman characters (transliteration) in many different ways, and translated in a variety of different ways as well. This can make learning Hebrew and saying prayers more confusing, but there are good reasons why all this diversity exists...

    Date: 12-04-2011
  • Jewish Time

    Judaism encourages slowing down to appreciate and recognize distinct, special or holy moments, be they religious in nature or every day things.

    Date: 05-02-2012
  • New Jewish Life Cycle and Transition Rituals

    In recent times, an assortment of life cycle rituals have been developed for individual and family transition important to the modern Jew. All are based on traditional elements and ceremonies whose enduring meaning are as powerful in these new settings as they are in their original ones.

    Date: 05-09-2012
  • For Every Two Jews, There Are Three Perspectives

    By Joy Fields

    A humorous look at the many different customs, traditions and practices found in one small Jewish community.

    Date: 06-18-2012
  • Doesn't God Listen to Little Children?

    By Leah R. Singer

    When a child asks about God and prayers, how do you answer?

    Date: 04-25-2012
  • Blessings For All Occasions

    Blessings and prayers for special occasions and daily use.

    Date: 05-08-2012
  • From Generation to Generation

    By InterfaithFamily

    Learn the words to this popular line to sing during Shabbat and holiday Jewish prayer services.

    Date: 09-28-2012
  • Priestly Benediction: Video

    An example of a bar mitzvah boy receiving the priestly benediction from his synagogue's clergy.

    Date: 11-20-2012
  • Conversion, Shared Spirituality and the Memorial Prayer

    By Rabbi Katy Z. Allen

    After the author converted to Judaism, shared experiences and art helped her connect to her mother's spirituality and, ultimately, led to a beautiful and moving funeral.

    Date: 07-18-2012

Showing 171 to 180 of 189