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    Not Crazy About Goy Crazy

    By Lynn Melnick

    Review of Melissa Schorr’s Goy Crazy, a youth novel about a nice Jewish girl with a crush on her hunky non-Jewish neighbor.

    Date: 02-09-2007

    How Hungry Are You?

    By Ron Lux

    Review of Questions Christians Ask the Rabbi and Understanding Your Neighbor’s Faith, two interesting but different books that give insight into different religions.

    Date: 01-29-2007

    Klezmer with a Side of Salsa

    By Larry Luxner

    Profile of Roberto Juan Rodriguez, a Catholic Cuban who grew up among Jews who is fusing klezmer and Cuban salsa.

    Date: 01-25-2007

    God Is Great, I'm Not: A Review

    By Ronnie Friedland

    Review of God is Great; I’m Not, about an interfaith relationship that grows rocky when the Catholic girlfriend’s interest in Judaism grows in contrast to her Jewish boyfriend’s identity conflict and personal shame.

    Date: 01-22-2007

    Faithless: a Riveting, but Flawed Film

    By Ronnie Friedland

    Review of Faithless, a film about a woman who strays from her interfaith marriage through an affair, a story evoked from the personal life story of Ingmar Bergman.

    Date: 01-22-2007

    Brother Born Again: A Review

    By Ronnie Friedland

    A review of Brother Born Again, a film that explores how a child brought up in a secular Jewish environment turns to Christianity after the traumatic death of his father.

    Date: 01-22-2007

    A Trumpet in the Wadi

    By Ronnie Friedland

    Review of the Israeli film A Trumpet in the Wadi  about a romance between a Christian-Arab woman and a Jewish man.

    Date: 01-22-2007

    "Once and Again": A TV Series about a Divorced, Interfaith Couple

    By Ronnie Friedland

    Review of "Once and Again," a television show about a divorced interfaith family.

    Date: 01-22-2007

    "Material Girl" Goes Mystical: Madonna Makes Israel Pilgrimage

    By Dina Kraft

    Commentary on Madonna’s Kabbalah-inspired visit to Israel.

    Date: 01-22-2007

    Will America's Loving Embrace Lead to the End of Judaism?

    By Jonathan Groner

    Review of Jew vs. Jew: The Struggle for the Soul of American Jewry by Samuel G. Freedman, a recent history of the fall of the ethnic Eastern-European collective Jewish identity, and what Judaism looks like in America today.

    Date: 01-20-2007

Showing 551 to 560 of 657