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Hanukkah and Christmas

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    The Historical Roots of Hanukkah

    By InterfaithFamily

    A section of A Guide to Hanukkah and the December Dilemma for Interfaith Families: The story of Hanukkah is a story of a revolution in the service of religious freedom.

    Date: 12-07-2008

    The Gift We Couldn't Refuse

    By Diana Zankowsky

    Her mother-in-law really wanted her son's family to have a Christmas tree, so she chopped one down for them herself.

    Date: 12-05-2008

    Neil Diamond, Sugar Cookies And Shiny Plastic Dreidels

    By Emily Savage

    I've realized that this is my religion, or at least a major part of it--my family, and our own traditions--the meshugah life of a Jew who wholeheartedly celebrates Christmas.

    Date: 12-02-2008

    The Torah for the Trees

    By William Squier

    A Christian dad decides that his son's experience of Judaism is more important than having a Christmas tree.

    Date: 04-03-2008

    Chanukah and Christmas: The Deeper Connections

    By Rabbi Howard A. Berman

    Essay arguing that Hanukkah and Christmas are linked by their shared celebration of the power of God to change human history.

    Date: 12-26-2007

    Interfaith Marriages Bring Variety to Holidays

    By Susie L. Oh

    Reprinted news article about the growing number of interfaith families and how their children feel that having interfaith parents is normal.

    Date: 08-14-2007

    The January-through-December Dilemma

    By The Jewish Outreach Institute

    Professional view criticizing the opinion that Hanukkah is a "minor holiday", since American Jews treat it as a major one, and noting the irony that those people who say Hanukkah is a "minor" holiday also use Jews’ Chri

    Date: 08-14-2007

    Exotic Latke Recipes for Celebrating All Eight Days of Hanukkah

    By Jayne Cohen

    Professional advice and recipes for Hanukkah fish, horseradish, and gourmet latkes.

    Date: 06-28-2007

    Family Hanukkah Celebrations Plus Recipes for Fried Chicken Cutlets

    By Jayne Cohen

    Family Hanukkah Celebrations Plus Recipes for Fried Chicken Cutlets.

    Date: 06-06-2007

    Dear Dr. Paula: On Christmas Trees

    By Dr. Paula Brody

    Professional advice article saying how important it is for each partner to acknowledge and understand how the other feels about holidays and these feelings may change over time.

    Date: 06-04-2007

Showing 51 to 60 of 141