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Shabbat and Other Holidays

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    Sinai At Sea

    By Andi Rosenthal

    She was happy to take her recently widowed mother on a cruise, but did it have to be on such a meaningful Jewish holiday?

    Date: 06-09-2008

    Hug Often

    By Heather Seith

    A Jewish woman describes her Shabbat practice with her Catholic husband.

    Date: 02-29-2008

    My Father, the Vacuum, and a Wedge of Tembleque for Thanksgiving

    By Teresita Levy

    Personal narrative from a Puerto Rican woman with ancient Jewish roots who eventually converted to Judaism, recalling the distinctive Thanksgiving dinners of her youth--plus a recipe for the Latin dessert tembleque.

    Date: 11-19-2007

    Shabbat, Our Way

    By Tracy Hahn-Burkett

    Personal narrative about one interfaith family's flexible but meaningful approach to Shabbat.

    Date: 10-26-2007

    Shavuot Lesson: Jews Must Champion Cause of Strangers in a Strange Land

    By Rabbi Jill Jacobs

    Op-ed on why Jews should support more open immigration policies in the U.S.

    Date: 05-18-2007

    Purim: When You Can Throw a Sponge at the Rabbi's Face

    By Jim Keen

    Personal narrative from a non-Jewish man on the enjoyment his interfaith family gets from Purim.

    Date: 02-23-2007

    A Quilt? A Stew? Who Are We, Anyway?

    By Linda Morel

    Reprinted profile of Faye Levy, author of 14 cookbooks, about her experience with Thanksgiving dinners, why she sees it as a Jewish holiday, and her recipes for Thanksgiving Tzimmes, Spiced Roasted Turkey, Hot Cumin-Tomato Sauce, Challah Stuffing, and

    Date: 02-02-2007

    A Conversation with Chef Jeffrey Nathan: Plus Recipes for Shavuot

    By Linda Morel

    Reprinted profile of chef Jeffrey Nathan describing his vision of modern kosher cuisine and providing several Shavuot (dairy) recipes:  Smoked Salmon Cheesecake, Spicy Macaroni and Cheese Kugel, Beet, Pear, and Fennel Salad, and Chocolate

    Date: 02-02-2007

    Use Lots of Fruit at the Table to Harvest the Perfect Shavuot Meal

    By Linda Morel

    Reprinted general information about Shavuot, the spring harvest festival, including recipes for Date-Filled Fish and Tabouleh.

    Date: 11-20-2006

    Sukkot: A Chance to Change Your Routines and Have Some Fun

    By Jim Keen

    Personal narrative and general information about Sukkot, and the magical way in which a sukkah, a temporary hut, transformed one interfaith family’s backyard for a week.

    Date: 11-20-2006

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