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Interfaith Weddings

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    A Jewish Wedding Under $2,500

    By Rachel Rourke

    Their first wedding was a civil marriage, but they recommitted to one another in midlife under a huppah.

    Date: 08-01-2012

    Intercultural Wedding in Italy: Sipping Sake With a German Couple in Siena

    By Rabbi David S. Gruber

    An interfaith, intercultural wedding in Italy, highlighting Jewish traditions - with a twist.

    Date: 07-31-2012

    Choosing an Interfaith Ketubah

    In order to make the process of choosing an interfaith ketubah easier for you, describes five different trends of interfaith ketubot and offers links to websites where they can be found.

    Date: 03-07-2012

    The Rabbi and the Elephant: How I Officiated a Cosmopolitan Interfaith Wedding in Thailand

    By Rabbi David S. Gruber

    With guests from Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Thailand and the U.S. present, Nad and Alex's wedding was easily one of the most cosmopolitan I had ever officiated. With a fairly traditional inclusive Jewish ceremony, bookended by Thai customs, it was definitely one of the most intercultural. Throw in the fact that I was upstaged by an elephant, and you have the backdrop for a great story!

    Date: 12-12-2011

    Out of Many Beliefs, One Ceremony

    By Cheryl Glantz Nail

    The wedding she'd never imagined was just as beautiful as the one she'd pictured.

    Date: 07-16-2010

    Hail to the Chiefs: How I Officiated at a Wedding in the Presence of Two Presidents

    By Rabbi David S. Gruber

    Meeting a former president of the United States at an interfaith wedding prompts this rabbi to consider how far American Jewry has come toward full acceptance in the US.

    Date: 06-02-2010

    An Intercultural Celebration of Love

    By Elizabeth Thorsen

    A bride and groom who used our Clergy Officiation Referral service share video of their wedding ceremony with us.

    Date: 04-21-2010

    Joining Traditions

    By Benjamin A. Maron

    We tend to dwell on what it's like for parents when their children intermarry. What about what it's like for children whose parents enter a second, interfaith marriage?

    Date: 02-12-2010

    Lights, Camera, Mazel Tov--How I Officiated a Wedding on MTV

    By Rabbi David S. Gruber

    I've officiated at many interfaith weddings, but this was the first one I did on television.

    Date: 01-15-2010

    A Delicious Interfaith Wedding

    By Aaron Kagan

    If the engagement was a catalyst for conflict, which it was, the wedding was the resolution. All of the issues raised by announcing our intention to wed had either been worked out by the big day or resolved themselves before our very eyes during the reception.

    Date: 01-08-2010

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