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Synagogues and the Jewish Community

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    Create Your Own Community--Three Welcoming Examples

    By Nina Amir Lacey

    Some interfaith families live too far from the closest synagogue to visit regularly, or the synagogues nearby aren't welcoming to interfaith families, or they don't meet anyone's spiritual needs. Sometimes starting your own interfaith-friendly Jewish community is the solution.

    Date: 01-25-2010

    A Rabbi Finds A Synagogue Home

    By Wendy Spears

    It matters to her to be part of a community that welcomes interfaith families.

    Date: 01-22-2010

    It's Complicated-- My Orthodox Synagogue's Welcome for My Interfaith Family

    By Juliet Stamperdahl

    I cannot lie to you and say that we were encouraged to marry or that the policies of the synagogue embrace or validate our union. I can say, however, that we are definitely treated by the community like we belong there.

    Date: 01-05-2010

    Patrilineal Descent and the Conservative Movement

    By Julie Wiener

    Many Orthodox and Conservative Jewish leaders worried the Reform movement's 1983 decision to affirm the children of Jewish fathers as Jews would divide the Jewish people. That doesn't seem to have happened.

    Date: 11-30-2009

    We've Come a Long Way When It Comes to Outreach

    By Rabbi Mayer W. Selekman

    What has become perfectly clear is that more and more congregations are finding ways to embrace and engage their entire congregational family, including the intermarried among them.

    Date: 11-23-2009

    A Prayerbook to Welcome Everyone

    By Jo Ellen Green Kaiser

    She got involved in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender synagogue because she loves liturgy--and found a community committed to including her interfaith, straight family.

    Date: 11-20-2009

    What Is a Jewish Word?

    By Ellen Scolnic

    A book on Jewish language turns into a great tool to welcome non-Jewish friends and family members into the community.

    Date: 11-13-2009

    A Long Way Home

    By Deborah Susser

    Rabbi Yosef Garcia and Rabbi Albert Plotkin created a Ceremony of Return for a small group of descendants of conversos in Phoenix.

    Date: 11-06-2009

    Intermarriage Is Also a Choice

    By Akira Ohiso

    What looks like a more tolerant position toward interfaith marriage doesn't take the feelings of children of those marriages into account.

    Date: 11-02-2009

    Guide to the Synagogue for Interfaith Couples and Families: What Kind of Synagogue Is It? Jewish Denominations

    By InterfaithFamily

    New to synagogues? We hope this guide will help you find a good community for your interfaith family.

    Date: 10-30-2009

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