's Guide to Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Interfaith Couples and Sample Ceremony first published "Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Interfaith Couples" in June 2005. Since then it has become our most popular downloadable resource.

In April 2007, we began soliciting contributions for an update to the resource. The new resource, titled "Guide to Wedding Ceremonies for Interfaith Couples" not only includes wedding ceremony ideas but also extensive explanatory information on Jewish wedding rituals.

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The links in the outline below will lead you to information about the various ceremony components and what they mean.

Modern-day Interfaith-Jewish wedding order (often adaptable with the inclusion or exclusion of listed or other ritual)

1. Signing of the Ketubah (definition, variations) prior to the huppah ceremony, usually half an hour or so before the scheduled wedding start time. Or during the ceremony.

2. Huppah (definition, variations)

a. Processional
b. Circling (definition, variations)
c. Acknowledgement of Different Faiths
d. Opening Jewish blessings

i. blessing over the wine (definition, variations )
ii. shehecheyanu blessing (definition )
iii. blessing over huppah (definition, variations )

e. Poems, Prayers and/or Reading (samples)
f.  Reading of the Ketubah (definition, variations)
g. Unity Candle (definition, variations)
h. Exchange of vows (definition, variations)
i. Ring exchange (definition, variations)
j. Seven Wedding Blessings (definition, variations )
k. Benediction(definition, variations )
l.  Breaking the glass (definition, variations)
m.The Kiss! (THIS ONE IS UP TO YOU!)
n. "MAZEL TOV (definition)"
o. Recessional (definition)

3. Yichud (definition)

4. Wedding party - Typically includes blessing over bread and blessing over wine offered by family and friends, as well as the wedding couple and their parents being lifted up in chairs, a Hora (definition) dance and possibly a Mezinke (definition) dance.

Other Information

Jewish circle dance. A huppah--often spelled ?chuppah?--is a Jewish wedding canopy with four open sides. A Jewish wedding ceremony typically occurs under a huppah. Jewish marriage contract. Congratulations. Literally "good luck" in Hebrew. "Who has given us life" in Hebrew. Part of a blessing thanking God for bringing us to a special moment.