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Return to the Guide to Wedding Ceremonies for Interfaith Couples. first published Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Interfaith Couples in June 2005. Since then it has become our most popular downloadable resource.

In April 2007, we began soliciting contributions for an updated version. The new resource, titled the Guide to Wedding Ceremonies for Interfaith Couples, not only includes wedding ceremony ideas but also extensive explanatory information on Jewish wedding rituals. would like to thank the following people, whose suggestions, research and writings allowed us to put the Guide together:

Rabbi Lev Baesh
Rabbi Howard Berman
Cantor Emily Blank
Cantor Ronald Broden
Michelle Browning
Rev. Walter H. Cuenin
Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn
Anita Diamant
Ellen Chenchinsky Deutsch
Dawn Farrar
Melissa Barrit Felder
Rabbi Brian Field
Marissa Fireman
Amanda Flaute
Aimee Goldberg
Eva Goldfinger
Rabbi Mark Golub
Julia Gutman
Dana Hagenbuch
Rabbi Miriam Jerris
Cindy Kalish and Michelle Charron
Jacqueline King
Rabbi Neil E. Kominsky
Rabbi Michael Adam Latz
Rabbi Devon A. Lerner
Rabbi Paul H. Levenson
Heather and Scott Martin
Matthew Medford and Marcy Engelstein
Rabbi Rim Meirowitz
Angie Wallerich Millman
Elizabeth McNamara Mueller
Andrea Nemeth and Vadim Shleyfman
Barbara and David Niles
Rev. June Radicchi
Rabbi David Roller
Rabbi Peter Schweitzer
Rabbi Lawrence M. Schuval
Judith Seid
Kia Silverman
Marcia Cohn Spiegel
Jonathan Wornick and Cristina Breen

We also could not have compiled this resource without relying on the highly informative articles on We relied on articles by:

Barbara Binder (Teaching Jewish Life Cycle: Insights and Activities, A.R.E. Publishing, Inc.)
Daniel H. Gordis (Celebration and Renewal: Rites of Passage in Judaism, Jewish Publication Society)
Heidi Gralla (Lilith magazine)
Bruce Kadden (Teaching Jewish Life Cycle: Insights and Activities, A.R.E. Publishing, Inc.)
Gabrielle Kaplan-Meyer
Michael Kaufman (Love, Marriage and Family in Jewish Law and Tradition, Jason Aronson Publishers)
Valerie S. Thaler

We owe a particular debt to Rabbi Lev Baesh, who volunteered his expertise to review this document to ensure that it is Jewishly "sound."

Throughout the document we refer to "bride" and "groom." However, most, if not all, of the ceremonies and rituals are easily adapted for same-sex couples.

The Jewish wedding is a complex and beautiful ritual, with many facets. For those interested in learning more about Jewish weddings beyond what is discussed in this document, please refer to, or speak to a rabbi.

The Guide to Wedding Ceremonies for Interfaith Couples is also available in PDF and Word formats.

A member of the Jewish clergy who leads a congregation in songful prayer. ("Hazzan" in Hebrew.) Hebrew for "my master," the term refers to a spiritual leader and teacher of Torah. Often, but not always, a rabbi is the leader of a synagogue congregation.

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