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August 16, 2005 eNewsletter


 Web Magazine

August 16, 2005

Dear friend,

Can intermarried parents discourage their children from interdating without being called hypocrites? Do they even want to? We conclude our  Web Magazine  two part series on interdating with:

Paula Yablonsky, a Jew-by-Choice, believes her daughter needs to experiment with interdating to discover what's important to her in a partner. Read More

Sandy Anderson intermarried though her father forbade interdating; now she hopes her children, if they intermarry, will raise Jewish children, as she did. Read More

Amy Elkes loves her boyfriend, even though he isn't Jewish. Read More

A man in Rabbi Julie Greenberg's interdating discussion group has to decide between raising future children as Christians or breaking up with his Christian girlfriend. Read More

In her "Star/Crossed: Jewish Stories from an Interfaith Life" column, Andi Rosenthal discusses an interdating relationship before she became a Jew-by-choice. Read More

Please join our new online discussion on the question:  Is there any realistic way to prevent your kids from interdating, if that is important to you?

An Important New Study

Our friends at the Jewish Outreach Institute have released an important study on young adult children of intermarried families. We're pleased to reprint Jennifer Siegel's article on the study, Read More , and an important Forward editorial, Read More, which concludes that the Jewish community must find a way to be more welcoming to the many types of Jews who want to join. in the News

Rachel Pomerance reports on Slingshot, a new resource listing 50 innovative Jewish organizations in North America--including! Read More

In a recent New York Times Sunday Magazine ethicist column, Randy Cohen said it was wrong for a couple to deceive a rabbi about their intention to have a Jewish home, adding that it would have been easy to find a Reform rabbi to officiate at their wedding. E.B. Solomont quotes our publisher Edmund Case in covering the controversy over Cohen's remarks. Read More

Arts and Entertainment

Though many seem to find the book funny and perceptive, not everyone's laughing. Find out what Saul Singer thinks of  Boy Vey!: The Shiksa's Guide to Dating Jewish Men by Kristina Grish. Read More

Cheryl F. Coon reviews "Talking Peace," a documentary about a dialogue group that includes Arabs and Jews. Read More

Coming Next

We're taking a week off--please come back on September 6 for the first in a two-part series on Interfaith Families and Jewish Day Schools.

Warm regards,



          Ronnie Friedland, Editor

We’re Looking for Writers

If you’re interested in writing for us on the following topics, please email Ronnie Friedland at :
  • interfaith families’ experiences at Jewish day schools
  • interfaith relationships other than Jewish-Christian (Jewish-Muslim, Jewish-Hindu, etc.)
  • different cultural backgrounds (Jewish-Hispanic, Jewish-Asian, etc.)

Connections In Your Area--Featured Organization  

Journey Through Jewish Books , sponsored by Siegal College and the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland, provides home visits to support families raising Jewish children ages 3 through 5. At each of five visits an educator brings  children's books, adult  readings, craft activities and resources relating to a particular Jewish value. The books remain with the family to begin a Jewish library. There are also 2 group programs during the year, a Shabbat dinner and a family picnic.


Network News

Our birthright israel Issue

Our friends at Hillel International enthusiastically recommended our issue on the experiences of young adult children of intermarried parents on birthright israel trips. Read more at  Network Highlights.

Take our New Survey

Take our new survey on interfaith families and religious schools  and you'll be entered to win a $100 Barnes & Noble gift card!

Day Schools and Interfaith Families

We're compiling a national directory of Jewish day schools that welcome the children of interfaith families. To have your school listed in the directory, please email Heather Martin at .

Slingshot is honored to be one of the 50 innovative Jewish organizations included in an exciting new resource book, Slingshot. Read more at Network Highlights--or view our Slingshot  listing by clicking here.

Ways You Can Get Involved

Support Us.  If what we do helps you or others you care about, please make a tax-deductible charitable contribution in support of our work.


Join Our Discussions.  We want to know what you think--and it's easy to tell us!

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An international program that sends thousands of young Jews to Israel each year for free. The Jewish Sabbath, from sunset on Friday to nightfall on Saturday. Hebrew for "my master," the term refers to a spiritual leader and teacher of Torah. Often, but not always, a rabbi is the leader of a synagogue congregation.
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