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February 14, 2006 eNewsletter


 Web Magazine

February 14, 2006

Dear friend,

Were you one of those many Jewish kids who grew up reveling in the unique closeness with nature, Judaism and other kids at Jewish summer camps? Or is that something very foreign to your experience?

Interfaith couples often have different ideas about what their kids should do in the summer. The new issue of's  Web Magazine looks at what the experience of kids from interfaith families is like at Jewish summer camps--from the perspective of the campers themselves, their parents, and their camp directors.


Wendy Viola picked her camp because she heard it attracted kids from diverse families, never suspecting that it would strengthen her Jewish identity along with offering her many wonderful summers. Read More

As she went from being a camper--impressed by how accepting people were when she differed from some over the topic of interdating--to a counselor, Joelle Berman discovered that the process of helping others with their religious identities strengthened her own. Read More


Having loved her own summer camp experience, Jill Simon Miskanic wanted to send her three children to the very same camp. Read More

Jodi Matson's expectations that her kids' interfaith status would not matter at camp were happily met. Read More

It was the progressive politics and special Holocaust commemoration that attracted Theo Forbath to his daughters' camp. Read More


Camp director Jordan Dale finds that focusing on joy and acceptance rather than fear and bias strengthens his campers' Jewish identities. Read More
Offering "positive Jewish experiences . . . in a fun, natural and peer-led environment" and making "a lasting impact on children's identity" is the goal of the camp Ken Kramarz has directed. Read More
Finally, Johanna Karasik now directs the welcoming and accepting BCI (Brandeis Collegiate Institute), a summer program that helped her become comfortable with her Jewish identity. Read More

Please join our online discussion  on the topic: Is sending your child to a Jewish camp "too much" of a Jewish experience for your family, or a way to strengthen his or her Jewish identity?

Coming Next

Don't miss our next issue, February 28, on Teaching Jewish Values to Your Children

Warm regards,


          Ronnie Friedland, Editor

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Connections In Your Area--Featured Organization  

The 92nd Street Y Camps offer exciting summer programs for children of all ages, interests and needs. The welcoming, inclusive environment recognized the uniqueness of each memeber and values their part in our overall camp community. Our flagship program is Camp Yomi, a traditional day camp for 5-9 year olds. Campers participate in swimming, sports, arts, nature, Jewish culture, ropes course and more!


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The spring holiday commemorating the Exodus of the Jews from slavery in Egypt. The Hebrew name is "Pesach." Hebrew for "covenant," often referring to the ritual for Jewish boys when they are 8 days old ("brit milah" - "covenant of circumcision"). It is commonly known as "bris," which is the Ashkenazi or Yiddish pronunciation of "brit."
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