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January 16 2007 eNewsletter


 Web Magazine

January 16, 2007


Dear friend,

For 200 issues, has been delivering the most interesting, inspiring, moving and occasionally painful perspectives on being part of an interfaith family. For 200 issues, has been featuring useful tips and advice from rabbis, outreach workers and our staff. For 200 issues, has been the only regular publication--online or in print--focused on the needs and interests of interfaith couples and their families. Join us in celebrating our 200th issue--and the fifth anniversary of our status as an indepent non-profit--in the new issue of our Web Magazine .

Our original logo, which we used from November 1998 to March 2001.

Ever wondered how we got our start? In The History--and--Future of , we detail our humble beginnings in 1998, our emergence as a forceful advocate in the Jewish community and our expansion into services far beyond the Web Magazine.

Our staff picks some of their favorite articles of the more than 1,500 we've published over the years, broken down by category. Whatever your interest, whatever your relationship to intermarriage, we have an article that we think you'll enjoy. Read more in The Best of Our Picks .

We also asked our supporters and contributors to tell us about their favorite articles. Lynne Wolfe, Jim Keen, Julie Wiener and others discuss the stories that stuck in their memory, in The Best of Your Picks .

Also in This Issue

Anita Diamant, the author of The Red Tent, has been one of our biggest supporters since day one. Hear what she has to say about the "invisible population" of non-Jews who are enriching the Jewish world. She also gives a tease about her new book in the audio interview "They Are Us": An Interview with Anita Diamant .

Arts and Entertainment

Perhaps the only thing less common than a Jew in the NBA is a Jewish mermaid. Turns out neither one is a myth. Find out more in Nate Bloom's latest Interfaith Celebrities column .

What Else is New?

On the occasion of our 200th issue, we would like to introduce several new services and features:

  • We have overhauled and improved our Discussion Boards . You no longer need to register to post messages on the Discussion Boards, and we've changed the categories.
  • Bryan Daneman, a Jewish man, and Julie Guess, his United Methodist fiancee, have started blogging about their experiences planning a May 2007 interfaith wedding on our new Weddings Blog .
  • We would like to know how we can improve and enhance our site. Fill out our User Survey  and you can enter to win a chance to win a free IPod!

Coming Next

We'll return on January 30 with our issue on Latino-Jewish Relationships.


Micah Sachs, Online Managing Editor

Write for Us!

We're looking for writers on the following topics:

  • Messianic Jews. If anyone in your interfaith family has been approached by prosletyzing Messianic Jews or Jews for Jesus, we'd like to hear about it.
  • Passover/Easter: What does your family do during the season?
  • Interfaith Mourning
  • Relationship Issues: How do you and your partner navigate interfaith issues?

Interested in any of these topics? Contact Web Magazine Editor Ronnie Friedland at .

Connections In Your Area--Featured Events

Our 200th Issue Snapshot

A selection of some interesting and helpful programs for interfaith families around the country.


Network News

Fill Out Our User Survey and Win an iPod!

We want to know more about what you think about Tell us what you like, don't like, want more of or have never heard of in our new User Survey . Fill out the survey for your chance to win an iPod!

Meet Our New Bloggers

Bryan Daneman, a Jewish man, and Julie Guess, his United Methodist fiancee, have started blogging about planning their interfaith wedding in May 2007 on our new Weddings Blog . Stop by and let them know what you think!

Check Out Our New and Improved Discussion Boards

We have launched our new, reformatted, improved Discussion Boards . You no longer need to register to post to our Discussion Boards. We have also added some new categories, including Popular Culture.


Ways You Can Get Involved

Support Us.  If what we do helps you or others you care about, please make a tax-deductible charitable contribution in support of our work.


Spread the Word.  Ask your friends to subscribe to The eConnection --the more people we reach, the better!



The spring holiday commemorating the Exodus of the Jews from slavery in Egypt. The Hebrew name is "Pesach."
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