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July 15, 2014 eNewsletter - Boston

July 15, 2014

Dear Friends,

We are all concerned about the terrible violence taking place in Israel—and very grateful to our Parenting blogger Jane Larkin for explaining Why I Stand with Israel. CEO Ed Case offers IFF’s Thoughts on Israel.

Meanwhile, IFF is bursting with activity. We have three job openings we hope you will share with any interested parties. You can click here for more information about these exciting new positions.

Lindsey Silken

Coming Up in Boston Cookie Making Workshop
Tu B’av Cookie-Making Workshop: July 20
Get ready for the Jewish holiday of love (Aug. 11) with a healthy cookie making workshop! Nothing says love like a treat made from scratch! Learn more
Jane Larkin's Blog
Israeli Flag
Why I Stand with Israel Right Now
“I stand with Israel, not out of blind obedience to my people, or because I believe all Israel’s actions to be just. I stand with Israel, as I stand with the United States–sometimes with a critical eye, always with a loving heart.” Read more
Zach Braff Directing
Don’t Forget to Laugh
Who couldn’t use a visit to the movies right now? Zach Braff’s Kickstarter-funded flick is finally coming out, and catch the new Michael Douglas/Diane Keaton film! See what else is on tap. Read more
Interfaith Weddings
The Hora Rabbi Preferred, Judaism Essential
This bride felt strongly about having a rabbi at her wedding, but the ones she knew wouldn’t officiate. In the end, she found there were other ways to make her wedding Jewish. Read more
Books that Matter
Hen Hears Gossip Your Kids’ Summer Reading
This summer, read your kids books about why they shouldn’t gossip and why gossip, “Lashon Hara,” is a Jewish no-no. Read more
Pop Culture
Pew-ishPew-ish Joins the Conversation
10 short plays turn discussion of the Pew Report into art, and Pew-ish, says our reviewer, “is a worthwhile voice to have in the community.” Read more
Growing Up in an Interfaith Family
Shannon and SisterTake it From Shannon
IFF/Chicago’s summer intern, Shannon (on left), has some very wise advice about growing up in an interfaith family including, “acknowledge the presences of each religion’s essence, and find a way for them to coexist in the heart and mind.” Read more

Staff Blog
Camp Counselors Rabbi Robyn from IFF/Philadelphia shares the Philly staff's recent visit to train counselors at Camp JRF. Rabbi Mychal from IFF/San Francisco Bay Area also spent some time at camp, and tells us what she overheard during her visit at Camp Tawonga. Rabbi Ari from IFF/Chicago has something to say about the ketubah, Jewish law and owning your Judaism. And April from IFF/Boston chats with Temple Hillel B’nai Torah, a Jewish community in the Boston area that feels like home.

Parenting Blog: Jessie is moved by the three "charges" at a Christian wedding and explains how they moved her to give thanks to her family.

Wedding Blog: Anne and Sam recall a defining moment in their relationship, when Anne lost feeling in her legs as a result of a surgery two years ago, and Sam was by her side. Ryan reflects on planning a wedding during this time of global conflict, and discusses the Seven Blessings and how to incorporate them into the ceremony in a modern way.

 Coming Up in Boston
 Jane Larkin's Blog
 Interfaith Weddings
 Books that Matter
 Pop Culture
 Growing Up in an Interfaith Family
 Staff Blog
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A member of the Jewish clergy who leads a congregation in songful prayer. ("Hazzan" in Hebrew.) Reform synagogues are often called "temple." "The Temple" refers to either the First Temple, built by King Solomon in 957 BCE in Jerusalem, or the Second Temple, which replaced the First Temple and stood on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem from 516 BCE to 70 CE. The first five books of the Hebrew Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy), or the scroll that contains them.
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