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June 11, 2008 eNewsletter

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June 11, 2008

Dear friend,

In the last two weeks, we've run several stories that confront issues of identity--who intermarries? Who are the children of interfaith marriage--and who are their grandchildren?

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It's exceedingly rare for the children of intermarried couples to suffer from Jewish genetic diseases, but it can happen. Read Marshall Weiss' article about how one family is Coping with Canavan Disease.


Children of Interfaith Marriage

Graphic novelist Ariel Schrag created The Chosen--A Comic about what makes someone really Jewish.

How committed are some young adults from interfaith families to the Jewish community? Enough to work as Full-Time Jews, as Jesse Tisch reports.

In Aaron Passman's Jewish Peoplehood--New Definitions That Include Jews of Color, some children of interfaith marriage literally change the face of Judaism.



Love, Marriage, Communication

Aliza Arzt's father was a rabbi. Her grandfather was a rabbi. Her mother was a Jewish educator. She never thought she would fall in love with someone who wasn't Jewish--but she did. Read more in It Can't Happen Here.



Death and Mourning

While it is one thing to rhapsodize about the beauty of caring for the deceased, it is quite another to find volunteers who literally must touch death. Sue Fishkoff interviewed some burial society members in More Jews Say: Caring for the Dead Is Part of Life.



Interracial and Intercultural Relationships

Heather Subba is thinking about the blessings of two cultures as she awaits A Birth of A New Kind. (The photo is of the colored powder Hindus from Nepal use for the custom of tika.)

Arts and Entertainment

A beautiful actress in a silly new movie and a young French prince feature in Nate Bloom's latest, Interfaith Celebrities: Meet Dave, Elizabeth Banks, and Jean Sarkozky.

Before WWII, Lithuania's Jews made up 7 percent of the population. Today, there are 5,000 Jews left. Maria Krupoves helps keep their culture alive as Joseph Leichman reports in A Christian Singer of Jewish Songs In Ladino and Yiddish.

What's New on the Blogs

Micah Sachs discussed Robin Tyler's essay on finally making it legal with her non-Jewish girlfriend in Coming Out of the Closet--As Interdating. He also wrote about The Jew in the NBA Finals, Jordan Farmar, and a new study about the Jewish community and how it's being reshaped by The Singles Difference.


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Ruth Abrams, Online Editor

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