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June 17, 2014 eNewsletter

June 17, 2014

Dear Friends,

It’s officially wedding season! Sometimes marriage can change the parent/child relationship: See below for a guide to navigating your child's engagement to someone of a different faith. Also, see what’s happening with our Wedding Bloggers, who are rapidly approaching their wedding days. Speaking of which—I'm looking for a new bride or groom to-be to begin blogging in the coming weeks—please be in touch if you’re interested.

Lindsey Silken

Parenting Adult Children
Mother and Son
When Our Children Wed
When our children get married, our relationship inevitably changes, whether or not it's an interfaith marriage. Courtney shares tips on how to handle this process gracefully. Read more
Pop Culture
Mila Kunis & James Franco
Mila & James Fight Dirty
In this week’s news from Hollywood, learn about upcoming film Third Person starring Mila Kunis and James Franco, who are involved in an onscreen custody battle. And see what’s up next for McSteamy. Read more
Parenting Blog
Jane's Son Want to invest in your kids’ Jewish future? Jane says getting a Jewish babysitter can be beneficial. And Jessie deals with rule enforcement, turning to Shavuot for help creating her own family's 10 Commandments to set boundaries for her 5-year-old.
Wedding Blog
Breaking the glass Ryan learns about the ritual of breaking the glass, and also begins thinking through what kind of music to request. And see the marriage advice Chris' first grade students have for him and Dana!
Birth Ceremonies
IllustrationIs Their Baby Jewish?
InterfaithFamily board member, Ruth Nemzoff responds to a recent Seesaw column question regarding the “Jewishness” of a friend’s uncircumcised baby. Read more

Staff Blog
Book Cover Rabbi Robyn from IFF/Philadelphia just read YA novel My Basmati Bat Mitzvah and loved the thoughtful messages. Rabbi Ari from IFF/Chicago reflects on welcoming those who have had little exposure to Judaism. Rabbi Mychal from IFF/SF Bay Area is looking forward to the film version of The Red Tent. Joshua from IFF/Boston knows where to get the best parenting tips in the Boston area. And Lindsey responds to Jay Michaelson's latest words on inclusion.

Flip Flops
 Parenting Adult Children
 Pop Culture
 Parenting Blog
 Wedding Blog
 Birth Ceremonies
 Staff Blog
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