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May 6, 2014 eNewsletter

May 6, 2014

Dear Friends,

This newsletter is packed with diverse stories and resources, from mother-son relationships to summer camp to Jewish genetic diseases. On our blog, we share a video interview of Ed Case at the recent Jewish Funders Network conference. And I share a funny clip from Late Night where Seth Meyers exposes himself as not Jewish, but proudly intermarried. I'm also pleased to announce that we were honored with three great awards from the American Jewish Press Association for 2013, including one for this enewsletter!

Lindsey Silken

Pop Culture
Marc & Chelsea
Chelsea, Rashida & Ben
Straight from Hollywood: more on Chelsea’s pregnancy, plus movies to look out for featuring Rashida Jones, Ben Kingsley and interfaith themes. Read more
Matt with Mother
Let's talk about the mother-son relationship: Matt Rice, who blogged about his interfaith wedding, now shares how he found common ground with his mother when she came to him for Hebrew expertise. Read more
Will Our Daughter Have Tay Sachs?
Elizabeth was already pregnant when she and her husband found out they were both Tay Sachs carriers. She explains how this happened and why, as an interfaith couple, to get tested for Tay Sachs, which is not only a Jewish disease. Read more
Summer Camp
Summer CampThe Questions You Should Be Asking
Our new Interfaith-Friendly Jewish Summer Camp info page has been very popular, so we decided to produce some more resources for parents. Here are some questions you might want to consider asking before sending your kids to camp. And when you’re ready, learn about BunkConnect to find an affordable camp. Read more
Interfaith Dating
Seesaw IllustrationShould I Tell My Parents?
The Forward’s new Q&A column, The Seesaw, pairs anonymous questions on interfaith issues with answers from experts, including two of our own: Jane Larkin and Ruth Nemzoff. Read Ruth’s response to a young adult’s dating question and send your questions to

From the Blog
Teacher with students STAFF BLOG: Wendy from IFF/Philadelphia offers great tips on how to create a welcoming learning environment for children of interfaith families. Rabbi Ari from IFF/Chicago has some new ideas about how to welcome newcomers to Judaism. Rabbi Mychal from IFF/SF Bay Area asserts that your marriage choices do not dictate your Jewish involvement. And April from IFF/Boston shares Jewish summer camp opportunities for interfaith families in New England.

WEDDING BLOG: Anne tells us about three years of Easters and how they finally got the interfaith balance right this year. Dana and Chris are fresh off the plane from Israel, and catch up with us about their Passover experience which included Chris' parents for the first time.

PARENTING BLOG: Jessie talks about the little steps young kids can take to learn tikkun olam. And Jane discusses Israel Independence Day and why it's important for us to visit Israel.

 Pop Culture
 Summer Camp
 Interfaith Dating
 From the Blog
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