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Vote for Us Email Newsletter 082410

August 24, 2010

Dear Friend,

As the summer winds down, and the Jewish High Holidays approach, the staff of is getting ready for a new year in many different respects.

Karen Kushner has joined IFF's staff and our activities will expand to deploy her expertise, we have a new Managing Editor about to start, we hope to unveil new messaging soon with the help of our consultants at Rabinowitz-Dorf, and we're looking forward to our session at the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) General Assembly in November.

On a personal level, Robin Schwartz has just returned from a maternity leave after the birth of her second son, Heather Martin's older son is starting kindergarten next week, and I'm expecting my first grandchild in October (ask me how excited I am about that)!

I'm writing today to ask for your vote. No, I'm not running for office anywhere. I was nominated as a Jewish Community Hero in the JFNA Jewish Community Heroes 2010 Campaign. The JFNA will recognize one Hero Of The Year and four other honorees. If I win or am one of the honorees, I get a grant for, and I get recognized at the November General Assembly.

Your vote could help me win. I don't care about winning this award because of me. I care about it because it would provide some badly needed financial support for IFF, and it would highlight and advance the cause I care about before a very important audience.

The JFNA General Assembly is where the leaders of the Jewish federations, as well as major private foundation funders, gather every year. These are the people who control the purse strings. I would surely like to see those purse strings opened more widely to help reach and attract people in interfaith relationships to welcoming Jewish communities. I do believe that selection as an honoree would help lead to that result.

There's a bad joke about voting "early and often" in tainted elections, but in this case, the JFNA allows you to vote more than once! So I should say your vote(S) could help me win, because you can vote once every 12 hours. But I would be so appreciative if you would vote even once. This email newsletter will go to almost 8,000 people -- receiving votes from a significant percentage of you would be a very big boost.

So please vote here -- and thank you! And please send this to your friends and ask them to vote too! Let's have a big showing that people really do care about engaging more interfaith families in Jewish life and communities!

With best regards,


Ed Case, CEO

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