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Featured Events and Organizations from Our Network

It's not too early to think about Passover...

 Isabella Freeman Center

  March 29, 2010 through April 07, 2010

Spend Passover at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in Falls Village, Conn.  This kosher-for-Passover retreat is an inter-generational community of celebration. In addition to wonderful seders, you'll enjoy fabulous activities, lectures and performances by local and nationally renowned entertainers, Israeli dancing and boating on our lake. During your stay, you may also participate in field trips to local points of interest in the surrounding Berkshires.


February 2, 2010

Dear Friend,

Passover? Are we kidding? We just had Tu B'Shevat, the New Year of the Trees, and already is talking about Passover and Easter. That's because this year, if you want to have seder with one side of the family and Easter dinner with the other, you are facing a major logistical challenge, since the first night of Passover is March 29 and Easter Sunday falls on April 4.

We want to hear about how that is for you--please take our annual Passover-Easter Survey and enter our drawing for a $250 gift card. It's true, $250 is not enough to finance the development of a transporter beam to put you in two places at once, but you can at least defray the costs of some of that matzah with it.

Seth Bobrow & stepdad HanukkahTeens in Interfaith Families

For Emily Dyke's bat mitzvah at the City Congregation for Humanistic Judaism in New York, she wrote a research paper, A Personal Synthesis, that placed her experience of growing up in an interfaith family in historical and social context. Amazing work from a 13-year old!

Seth Bobrow also did a lot of work the year he turned 13, as he writes in Building a Closer Family. What do you think--is learning to operate a tractor the equivalent of a bar mitzvah?

manhattan dawn

Interfaith Dating

Lindsey Silken had some preconceived notions about her type, and she would never have said  "Catholic FBI agents from Kentucky" were it, because Jews Don't Date Men With Guns--right?

circle of friendsFinding a Jewish Community

Rabbi Wendy Spears needed a congregation for her own family to join. It was important to them that it be welcoming to interfaith families, as she writes in A Rabbi Finds a Synagogue Home.

Another way to find a good Jewish community is to build it. Want to learn how? Read Nina Amir's community profiles in Create Your Own Community--Three Welcoming Examples.

When you're an adult child of an interfaith family  who wants to explore Judaism, it can sometimes be difficult to find a place in the Jewish community. Why doesn't the Jewish community reach out? I can answer that in one word--Privilege.

children dancingParenting

Do you want your child to have a strong Jewish identity and a sense of purpose and belonging? Rabbi Stephen Carr Reuben is clear on which choices are Helping Your Children Be Part of the Jewish Community. His video blog is presented in partnership with the Jewish TV Network.

Salinger book coverArts and Entertainment

J.D. Salinger died last week. The child of an interfaith marriage, the private and reclusive Salinger wrote about the experience of growing up in an interfaith family.

I also reflected last week on the January 20 death of Yiddish poet Abraham Sutzkever, a Jewish cultural hero who fought the Nazis with both guns and art.

Nate Bloom's latest column, Interfaith Celebrities: Olympic Athletes and American Faces, introduces Mike Nichols' comic dynasty.

Come join our Network to get a feed of the articles that interest you most--and events in your area, too.


Ruth Abrams, Managing Editor


Write for Us!

We're looking for writers on the following topics:

  • Last chance to write about Passover or Easter in 2010
  • Jewish environmentalism in an interfaith family
  • Muttering "grandchildren!" under your breath is not a subliminal message
  • What's different about my family now from my family growing up
  • It's not really a mixed marriage because ...
  • My Catholic grandmother at my bar or bat mitzvah | P.O. Box 428, Newton, MA 02464 | 617 581 6860 |


Hebrew for "son of the commandments." In modern Jewish practice, Jewish boys come of age at 13. When a boy comes of age, he is officially a bar mitzvah and considered an adult. The term is commonly used as a short-hand for the bar mitzvah's coming-of-age ceremony and/or celebration. The female equivalent is "bat mitzvah." Hebrew for "daughter of the commandments." In modern Jewish practice, Jewish girls come of age at 12 or 13. When a girl comes of age, she is officially a bat mitzvah and considered an adult. The term is commonly used as a short-hand for the bat mitzvah's coming-of-age ceremony and/or celebration. The male equivalent is "bar mitzvah." The spring holiday commemorating the Exodus of the Jews from slavery in Egypt. The Hebrew name is "Pesach." Hebrew word for an unleavened bread, traditionally eaten during the holiday of Passover. Hebrew for "my master," the term refers to a spiritual leader and teacher of Torah. Often, but not always, a rabbi is the leader of a synagogue congregation.
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