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Esther's Interfaith Wedding

 sideways Purim

February 27th at 7 p.m.

Purim 2010: Esther is Getting Married! to King Ahashuerus at Temple Beth El of South Orange County in Aliso Viejo. The evening will start with a reading of their love story (the megillah) and will continue with an adults only wedding reception following the ceremony.


February 16, 2010

Dear Friend,

We are having a recipe contest for Passover this year! Submit your best family recipe and enter to win a $100 American Express giftcard. See our entry form on the site for details.

question mark guySurveys

This is your last chance to take our Passover Easter Survey--it closes on February 19! Let us know what you are doing for these holidays--and if you're a member of the Network, you're eligible to win the drawing of a $250 American Express gift card! Not a member yet? It's easy to join, at

Love being asked for your opinion? A member of our Network is researching the role of faith in marriage for her master's degree. Learn about her work on Faith and Marriage and take her survey--she is also offering a gift card for randomly-selected participants.

small town USAFinding a Community

If Susan Goldberg's synagogue doesn't support interfaith families, they don't support Jewish families, period. It's because of families like hers the congregation is Surviving and Thriving.

She was committed to her childhood Reform temple, but between the rabbi's attitude toward interfaith families, and the long commute, Rachel Yackley said, Synagogue Stresses Me Out.

One of the contributing factors for Rachel in leaving her synagogue was that her childhood rabbi wouldn't officiate at her wedding. Ed Case reflects on recent Officiation News--onwell-respected rabbis in a major city changing their position on officiating at interfaith weddings.

MASH TV title screen

Choosing Judaism

The first fearful meeting with a rabbi can challenge the most resolute would-be convert. If, like Valerie Jones, this is the first conversation you've ever had with a member of the clergy (any clergy), it can send your blood pressure to previously unknown heights--What to Say to the Rabbi? (What does M*A*S*H have to do with that? You'll see.)

couple arguing

Marriage and Relationships

In his latest video for us, Rabbi Reuben's Ruminations: Political Issues in an Interfaith Relationship, Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben deals with the issue of disagreement about Israel. We present these videos in partnership with the Jewish TV Network.

circle of friendsAdult Children of Interfaith Families

Many parents have written for us about what it's like when their children intermarry. But what's it like for children whose parents enter a second, interfaith marriage? Benjamin Maron describes the experience of Joining Traditions when his father remarried.

It's just like a reality television series, except with challah. It's our partner, Moishe House, The Real World Without the Communal Showers.

children dancingParenting

Becoming a mother has changed both how Heather Subba understands her own parents and how she feels about being Jewish, as she explains in Through a Parent's Eyes.

Salinger book coverArts and Entertainment

Jamie-Lynn Sigler is one of the women that the internet wants to marry in Nate Bloom's latest column, Interfaith Celebrities: Ice Dancers and Desirable Women.

What is the world of haute cuisine doing, wrapping matzah balls in bacon? It's funny, because we know a lot of interfaith families aren't Bringing Home the Bacon. Are you?

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Ruth Abrams, Managing Editor


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  • Jewish mourning customs for non-Jewish relatives
  • Is Jewish summer camp too much?
  • Grandparenting children of interfaith families
  • What's different about my family now from my family growing up | P.O. Box 428, Newton, MA 02464 | 617 581 6860 |


Derived from the Greek word for "assembly," a Jewish house of prayer. Synagogue refers to both the room where prayer services are held and the building where it occurs. In Yiddish, "shul." Reform synagogues are often called "temple." Hebrew for "scroll," usually refers to the Scroll of Esther ("Megillat Esther"), the biblical book read on the holiday of Purim. The spring holiday commemorating the Exodus of the Jews from slavery in Egypt. The Hebrew name is "Pesach." A bread that comes in a few different varieties; its most common variation is a braided egg bread, though there are water challahs that don't have eggs, and there are whole-wheat challahs which sometimes also don't have eggs. It is customary to being Sabbath and holiday meals by saying blessings and eating challah. Hebrew word for an unleavened bread, traditionally eaten during the holiday of Passover. Hebrew for "my master," the term refers to a spiritual leader and teacher of Torah. Often, but not always, a rabbi is the leader of a synagogue congregation.
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