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Featured Events and Organizations from Our Network

Interfaith Bible Program

 Whale tail

May 15, 2010

Jews and Christians will study the Book of Jonah together and discuss why this book is read on Yom Kippur. There will be a potluck luncheon following the event, which will take place at Bet Chaverim in Des Moines, Wash., from 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM.


May 11, 2010

Dear Friend,

Where do you stand on tofu cheesecake? Brilliant innovation or disgusting non-traditional pseudo-dessert? Because I included my favorite recipe for it in my article on Shavuot--that and my great-grandmother's blintzes. You can also find all-night study sessions and other Shavuot events on our Network, where we host groups and organizations.

Mother's Day bouquetMother's Day

Leah Singer is so lucky, she can write an article called What a Fabulous Mother-in-Law. How about you?

Speaking of parenting, there was an interesting op-ed about Obama's choice of racial identity on the census from a mom in an interfaith family. Will our children choose to identify with being Jewish When It Counts?

Shavuot Basics coverShavuot

There's a major Jewish holiday coming up May 18, are you ready? It's Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks, commemorating the ancient pilgrimage of the first fruits and the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai. You can learn more about it, and get some nice recipes, from my article, Shavuot: Days of Cheese and Roses. We are also fortunate that the Jewish Welcome Network is sharing this handy and colorfully-illustrated pamphlet, Shavuot: The Basics.

Cherry Nirvana Dairy Free dessertBar and Bat Mitzvah

Debbie Burton loves her egalitarian minyan, and takes their rules seriously. That's why she didn't even ask to give a blessing from the bimah at her daughter's bat mitzvah because she'd have been Speaking as a (Non-)Jewish Parent.

Are there better ways to be welcoming to interfaith families and still stick to tradition? In the wake of Debbie's article, we want to talk about Work-Arounds.

green shoot Death and Mourning

How do you mourn Jewishly for a non-Jewish parent, in-law, sibling or spouse? Lois Rosenbaum is the interfaith outreach coordinator at her suburban synagogue and has some experience helping people figure out Comforting Mourners in Interfaith Families.

Robin Schwartz was shocked by a recent case in which the non-Jewish widow of a Jewish man won a lawsuit against her in-laws for the right to move her husband's body, in Finally Resting.

baby hands and feetPregnancy and Birth Ceremonies

Rachel Leibold and her husband, like many couples, had occasionally discussed future baby names, and discovered pretty quickly that they disagreed on almost every one. Read more in Baby Name Accord: Somewhere Between Shlomo and Gustav.

Dianna AgronArts and Entertainment

Lena Horne died at age 92 on Sunday. We offer some reflections on Horne's interfaith marriage to musical arranger Leonard Hayton.

Heather Martin is obsessed with Stieg Larsson's Milenium Trilogy. She even found something in one of the books on interfaith marriage, as she writes in Learning from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Dianna Agron is only one of the children of interfaith families whom People named in its Most Beautiful People 2010. Nate Bloom gives you the low-down on these beauties and their careers in Interfaith Celebrities: Beautiful People and Gleeful Broadway Stars.

Come join our Network to get a feed of the articles that interest you most--and events in your area, too.


Ruth Abrams, Managing Editor


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Hebrew for "Day of Atonement," the final of ten Days of Awe that begin with Rosh Hashanah. Occurs during the fall and is marked by a 24-hour fast. One of the most important Jewish holidays. Derived from the Greek word for "assembly," a Jewish house of prayer. Synagogue refers to both the room where prayer services are held and the building where it occurs. In Yiddish, "shul." Reform synagogues are often called "temple." Hebrew for "count," it refers to the quorum of ten Jewish adults (in some communities only men are counted; in others both men and women) required to hold a Torah service, recite some communal prayers, and the home-based recitation of the Kaddish. Minyan may also now refer to group that meets for prayer service, similar to a synagogue's congregation or a havurah. The elevated area or platform in a synagogue, from which Torah is read. Worship service leaders, such as clergy, may lead services from the bimah as well. The first five books of the Hebrew Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy), or the scroll that contains them.
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