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October 12, 2010 eNewsletter

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Featured Events and Organizations from Our Network

Love and Religion

Sign up for the first-ever online discussion group hosted by IFF: Love and Religion, beginning Oct. 20.

October 12, 2010

Dear friend,

Benjamin Maron

It is my great pleasure to announce that Benjamin Maron has joined us as managing editor. Benjamin brings many years' experience as a Jewish educator, editor and writer with him to He--and we--can't wait to put his unique combination of skills to work building our resources for you and your families.

To support this work, please vote for me as a Jewish Community Hero. The deadline for voting has been extended to this Friday, Oct. 15--and I need your help. At last count, I was ranked no. 20, and only the top 20 vote-getters are eligible to become Heroes and have their cause recognized at the annual meeting of the Jewish communities of North America.

Counseling Couples

Being part of an interfaith couple can be challenging, but you don't need to search for the answers alone. Registration for Love and Religion - Online, our pilot online discussion group to help interfaith couples talk about religion in their lives, is open until this Friday, Oct. 15. Learn more and register now!

A cross-cultural communication expert applies the lessons of her work to her own interfaith marriage, in How to Act Jewish to Raise a Jewish Child--The Intercultural Communications Approach, by Deanna Shoss.

Figuring out how to incorporate religion into an interfaith home can be so stressful that many couples avoid religion altogether. But Rabbi Bruce Kadden offers some easy, accessible ways you can turn an interfaithless marriage into an interfaith one.

Hanukkah and Christmas

What do you do during the December holidays? Whether you're in an interfaith family or not, we want to find out how you plan to spend Hanukkah and Christmas. Please take our survey.

And if you join our Network, you will be eligible to win a $500 American Express giftcard.


When Rabbi David S. Gruber was asked to officiate at a humanistic Jewish wedding, he searched for a version of the seven wedding blessings that didn't use God-language. He couldn't find a satisfactory one, so he came up with one himself.


Raised with little Judaism, Janet Silver Ghent tries to gently teach her grandchildren about her faith. So what if it requires the occasional candy bribe? Read more in Can a Jewish Bubbe Help a New Generation Keep the Faith?


An intermarried Unitarian Universalist minister raises his children as Jews while attending Muslim, Jewish and Christian services each weekend, while the "Adventure Rabbi" discusses how people's views of God affect how they vote.

Popular Culture

Did Mark Zuckerberg create Facebook to meet non-Jewish girls?

Danielle Berrin, in an essay in The Huffington Post, suggests the answer is no, but then goes right on criticizing Zuckerberg for dating Priscilla Chan, a non-Jewish Asian woman. In her zeal to debunk stereotypes of Jewish women as JAPs and overbearing maternal figures, Berrin ends up promoting another stereotype: that successful Jewish men purposefully date outside "the tribe."

The new season of Grey's Anatomy opened with an interfaith wedding, although you wouldn't know it. Meanwhile, its sister show, Private Practice, showed the (extremely) intimate side of Catholic-Jewish wedding planning.

And in the latest edition of Interfaith Celebrities, Nate Bloom writes about Jerry Weintraub, the intermarried producer of Nashville, Ocean's Eleven and The Karate Kid, plus some up-and-coming TV stars. recently endorsed Keshet's pledge against homophobic bullying, and I hope you will too.


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Hebrew for "my master," the term refers to a spiritual leader and teacher of Torah. Often, but not always, a rabbi is the leader of a synagogue congregation.
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