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You Can't Plan for Everything

An outreach professional's response to Salt Cod on Shabbat, by Rachel Rockenmacher.

Rachel's article makes abundantly clear the important message that you can't plan too much.

Despite having done lots of talking and negotiating before marriage and a child, Rachel and Manny ran into what respected outreach professional Ester Perel refers to as the "landmines" of interfaith relationships. But Rachel and Manny's focus on open dialogue and putting their child's needs first has resulted in a very balanced approach to sharing two cultures and one religion.

No one can plan for everything. I love their story because it shows a willingness to love and embrace family, to struggle with the challenges that life will always give us, and to enjoy the rich cultures to which they are heirs.

I can only say that little Ethan will still present his parents with new and unexpected challenges, but, luckily, that's the way it's supposed to be. May Manny and Rachel continue to check their course by looking through Ethan's eyes while accepting the responsibility for making the final choices.

Dawn C. Kepler

Dawn C. Kepler is director of Building Jewish Bridges: Outreach to Interfaith Couples, located in the East Bay area of San Francisco, Calif.

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