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Secular Humanist Judaism

Secular Jews define Judaism as the history, culture, books, music, art, food, rituals and practices of the Jewish people. Secular Judaism, whether practiced through the reading of Jewish books, membership in a branch of Workmen's Circle or attendance at a Secular Humanistic congregation, is an appealing option for many interfaith families, both for those families that do not believe in God and those looking for a religious space that does not discuss theology. The following is a list of helpful resources and links for interfaith families exploring secular Judaism.

Recommended Articles on Secular Judaism

Secular Judaism Articles Archive

Secular Judaism

Helpful Documents for Interfaith Families Exploring Secular Judaism

Discussion Board

Find a Secular Jewish Organization or Congregation in Your Area

All secular Jewish organizations are very welcoming to interfaith and intercultural couples and families.

Additional Resources on Secular Judaism


There are several major secular Jewish organizations:

A language, literally meaning "Jewish," once widely used by Ashkenazi communities. It is influenced by German, Hebrew and Slavic languages, and is written with the Hebrew alphabet. It is comparable to the language of many Sephardi communities, Ladino.
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