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Blessings Before and After the Torah Reading

September, 2012

Whether reading from the Torah yourself or having the honor of saying the blessing when someone else is reading the Torah (an honor is known as an "aliyah"), rest assured that you needn't memorize the blessings. Not only are they listed in your prayer book, but most synagogues will have a cheat sheet next to the Torah in large print Hebrew and transliteration (Hebrew written in English characters).

Watch the video to see Becky Silverstein, the rabbinic intern at Kehillath Israel in Brookline, MA, demonstrate saying the blessings before and after the Torah is read:


Practice on your own with the audio:

  • blessings before the Torah is read:
  • blessing after the Torah is read:


And download our Torah Blessings (pdf), with the English, Hebrew and transliteration for the blessings. Read along while listening to the audio!

Hebrew for "going up," it refers to the honor of saying the blessing over the Torah reading. It can also refer to the act of immigrating to Israel. (e.g. "After falling in love with Jerusalem, Rachel and Christopher made aliyah.") A language of West Semitic origins, culturally considered to be the language of the Jewish people. Ancient or Classical Hebrew is the language of Jewish prayer or study. Modern Hebrew was developed in the late-19th and early 20th centuries as a revival language; today it is spoken by most Israelis.
The first five books of the Hebrew Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy), or the scroll that contains them.

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