How to Discuss Anti-Semitism with Youths

By Dr. Ruth Nemzoff Q: I am about to have Jewish grandchildren, and I am terrified! Don’t get me wrong; we love our son-in-law. He has brought out the best in our daughter and they make sensible decisions together. We have never had any complaints; in fact, we are looking forward to learning about new […]

Michael Douglas Speaks Out on Anti-Semitism

Have you or a loved one ever had the experience of overhearing or being told something point blank that was anti-Semitic because the speaker didn’t think they were in the company of someone Jewish? Michael Douglas did. Raised without formal Jewish religion by father Kirk Douglas (Jewish) and his mother Diana (not Jewish), Douglas began […]

Howard Stern: Anti-Semitism Crusader

As I heard the rhythmic song begin its first beat, I knew this song was not going to be funny or clever.  This morning, Howard Stern introduced his listeners on SiriusXM 100 to an anti-Semitic song created by pseudo-celebrity Andy Dick.  Howard Stern, who often jokes on the radio about being “half-Jewish,” is actually the […]

Anti-Semitism Within A Review of The Believer

Film review of the disturbing film The Believer, written and directed by Henry Bean, which tells of a young Orthodox man who becomes neo-Nazi and tries to juggle both Jewish an Nazi identities.