Writing Our Own Haggadah

Personal narrative about a woman in an interfaith marriage who writes a hagaddah with friends so that she, her husband and their friends will all feel comfortable with the seder

The Passover Predicament

A compilation of resources, culled from the InterfaithFamily.com Article Archive, on Passover and Easter from 2004.

The Interfaith-Humanist-Vegan Passover Seder: A Mouthful in Many Ways

By Jared David Berezin When our eyes begin to burn and tear up my wife and I look at each other and laugh. That’s when we know the horseradish is ready. We also bake our own homemade matzah, and the unleavened flat bread resembles pita or injera (Ethiopian bread). Preparing Passover-friendly food from scratch and […]

Passover Seder with Both Families

By Sam Goodman   Won’t you help to sing / These songs of freedom? We’re currently in the middle of one of the most widely-observed Jewish holidays, Passover.  One of the Shalosh Regalim, or three pilgrimage festivals (literally “three legs”), in ancient times Jews throughout the land of Israel would gather and make sacrifices at the […]

Jewish Language Cheat Sheet

For some, Judaism is a religion. For others, Judaism is a culture. For other still, it’s both. And like many religions and cultures, there is language that goes with it.

With an Outstretched Arm

A professional view, relating the story of the Pharaoh’s daughter, and how she took Moses in, to interfaith outreach and inclusion.