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Welcoming Booklets

Welcoming Booklets serve multiple purposes. For individuals, they provide concise information about Jewish rituals, holidays and tradition. For synagogues, schools and agencies these same booklets can be displayed in lobbies where regulars and guests can pick them up or they can be handed out as part of a program or class.

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Content Packets

Content packets consist of several articles published by together with discussion questions, suitable for use in programs. Currently available content packets include:

Model Documents

Synagogue Booklets For and About Interfaith Families

Temple Emanuel, a Conservative synagogue in Newton Centre, MA offers a pamphlet to explain its policies regarding interfaith families and to help interfaith families feel more welcomed into their community.

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Articles by Program Providers About Their Work

We are planning to publish a series of articles on diverse aspects of outreach programs, including articles by program providers about their experiences conducting programs. Available articles include:

Substantive Papers

David Arnow, a psychologist and well-known author, offers two papers: