Wedding, Parenting & Holiday Email Series


We have five excellent (and free!) email series that you can sign up for throughout the year. Learn about and sign up for each of them below. If you have any questions about these emails before signing up, you can email us at If you’re a Jewish professional and have more questions about sharing these series, email Rachael Martin, Director of Partnerships.

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Wedding Planning
8 emails, offered starting dates in February, May, August & November

If you and your partner are from two different faith backgrounds and planning a Jewish or Jewish and… wedding ceremony, there’s a lot to consider. From who will officiate to which Jewish rituals you will include to how to handle family dynamics, our rabbis have heard all the questions and helped couples all over the country design the wedding of their dreams. We’re taking all our expertise and dishing it out in seven emails designed to offer ideas and options, answer common questions and connect you to a wealth of additional exclusive resources (and other couples!) so you can plan a ceremony that’s right for you.

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Parenting Young Children

8 emails, offered starting dates in February, May, August & November

Parenting young kids is full of pitfalls where we can get stuck on the difficulties of the day-to-day of meeting our children’s needs, not to mention our own. This email series is for parents in interfaith families with children age 2-6 who are interested in exploring ways to infuse Jewish values into the routine of their daily life and to bring more peace, spirituality and love into their parenting. The 8 emails will explore the Jewish and universal values of righteous living, love, acceptance, gratitude and learning. Each email contains a Jewish story or value connected to the real challenges and joys of parenting and provides a toolkit of practical advice and resources.

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Passover Prep

3 emails beginning March of 2020

This three-session Passover email series will introduce you to the story of Passover and Passover observance. It will also contain an exploration of how the themes of the Passover story relate to modern times. The emails are intended for anyone new to the Jewish faith, or looking to brush up on your knowledge to share with your family members and are inclusively written.

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High Holidays Prep

3 emails beginning September 10

If you’re interested in learning more about how to prepare for and celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (the High Holidays) in your interfaith family, then this three-session, once-a-week email series is for you! The emails will help you and your family to reflect on major themes of the holidays; learn about some of the holiday liturgy; discover ways to make the Jewish new year meaningful for you and your family; and give you questions to discuss with your partner or children.

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Navigating December Holidays

5 emails beginning December 2

This five-session email series can help as you and your family head into the December holiday season. We will send you resources, stories, humor and questions to ask yourself, your partner and/or your family about your December holiday needs, practices and choices.  This is a non-judgmental, supportive and open forum for you to learn, experience, question and share as you navigate this time of year that we know can be as stressful as it is joyous.

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About InterfaithFamily

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