Gift exchange

How Gift Giving Has Changed Since Marriage

Laura re-evaluates Christmas gift-giving now that she’s also celebrating Hanukkah

woman working

Can I Work and Observe Yom Kippur?

Laura struggles with how to observe Yom Kippur when she has to work

Zach and Thelma

How I Knew He was Husband Material

Laura learns a lesson from her husband about what it truly means to be one big family

Couple walking in the woods

How Do We Bring Two Faiths into Our Everyday?

How do we practice separate faiths–together?

Couple sitting and talking

The Newlywed Question You’re Not Ready For

Now that they’re married, Laura & Zach face this inevitable question

young woman leans against wall in bedroom, with family photos, ketubah and crucifix hanging on the wall

Should Our New Home Have a Cross or a Mezuzah (or Both)?

Should we hang a mezuzah, a cross or both in our new home?

puppy eyes from a lab mix

How’s Married Life?

People ask “How’s married life?” It’s complicated


What’s on the Menu for an Interfaith Passover?

My Catholic family’s hosting Passover this year. Here’s what’s on the menu

couple holding hands

How My Interfaith Marriage Improves My Own Catholic Faith

Why celebrating Yom Kippur this year enriched my observance of Ash Wednesday

New year reflection

Finding Hope as a Newlywed in the New Year

How to look for hope in the new year after getting married in a dismal 2017

Laura and Zach at Laura's parents' house, Christmas 2015

A No-Dilemma December

There’s room for all the holidays in Laura & Zach’s family


How to Make Joint Decisions as Newlyweds

Zach and I have been married for a few months now, and one of the things that has surprised me most? We don’t have a dog yet! Our friends know we’ve been talking about fostering dogs for a while, but with the wedding we never had the time.


Two Traditions United for a Perfect Wedding Weekend

A few weeks ago, I posted some pictures from our honeymoon along with an account of my first Yom Kippur fasting with my new husband. But, you may ask, how was the wedding? It was the event I’ve been planning and dreaming about for the past year-and-a-half that has taken my sweat and tears (thankfully no […]


My First Yom Kippur

Zach and I were married on September 16! We were away having a blast on our honeymoon in Portugal, but before we had time to post our honeymoon pics to Facebook or look through our wedding photos, Yom Kippur was upon us. I had decided a few days before we got back that I would […]


Making Time to Reflect Before the Big Day

We’re counting down the days—less than one month until the wedding! Plenty of friends and family have been asking us if we’re excited (of course) and if we’re ready (which is a tougher question). In the practical sense, yes, we are ready. The caterer has our menu, the DJ has our song list and we’re finished […]


Being Interfaith in the Face of Hatred

This post was written by my fiancé Zach Drescher, who is Jewish and whose work often intersects with issues important to the American Jewish community. ~~~ When you live in Washington, vacations can be a good opportunity to get away from the news cycle and conversations dominated by politics. While our trips home to plan […]


Two Faiths Becoming One Family

I recently joined a Facebook group that InterfaithFamily started to connect couples planning interfaith weddings (join here!). As I’ve mentioned in a few of my posts, Zach and I have our wedding pretty well planned already, and we’ve been working with great officiants to create a beautiful, meaningful and inclusive ceremony. I joined the group […]


Family Acceptance & Testing the Breaking of the Glass

Over the July 4th weekend, Zach and I spent some time with my family in the Philadelphia area. As mentioned on my previous post, we got ambitious with some DIY projects, so we planned a few (three) weekends to go home and visit (work) with family to complete those projects. The first weekend in July […]


Crafting the Moment

“So, how’s the wedding planning?” These days, this question excites and exasperates me at the same time. I have a lot of energy and excitement about the wedding, but it varies day by day whether that excitement is greater or less than my stress about “getting it all done.” To explain that, I need to […]


Going Custom: Writing Our Own Interfaith Ceremony

After my latest blog post on finding officiants for our Jewish-Catholic interfaith wedding, I got questions from both friends and fans about what the actual ceremony would look like. We had started a draft but needed to tie up some details, so we weren’t ready to share. I didn’t really think about it much in […]


Finding Co-Officiants: A Multi-Step Process

Our first hurdle in planning an interfaith wedding (other than the insanity of touring and booking a venue) was finding an officiant and creating a ceremony that reflected both of us


Getting Married and Keeping Our Religions

As a Catholic teen and young adult, I never imagined I would be planning an interfaith wedding. Even though I was preparing to leave for college in Washington, D.C., I imagined I would be married in my local parish church, by one of the priests I had worked with as a receptionist at our parish […]